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let is snow, let it snow, let it snow


Sunday was a beautiful day, wasn’t it?  This was the view from my backporch.  Later in the day my daughter and her friends made this snowman.


I am so glad we went ahead with plans to meet for Bible Study and worship in the midst of a bad weather.  Although our crowds were down considerably, we still had wonderful worship.  Our policy at CrossPoint, very simply, is to meet for worship unless the roads freeze over and are impassable.

I realized we made the right decision when I met a guest who had driven more than an hour to worship with us.  Actually, he did not originally intend to worship with us.  The church he planned to visit was closed.  When passed by CrossPoint and saw the cars in our parking lot he headed our way.  After worship he informed me that he had been out of church for a long time.  He was convinced God brought him to CrossPoint.  Now that’s a good story.

Another good story comes from a CrossPointer who gave an extra tithe Sunday morning because he knew our offerings would be off from the inclement weather.  Next weekend we are preparing for a record offering to make up for the bad weather yesterday.  Some have already informed us that will be dropping their offering at the office this week or be including it in next weekend’s offering.

I thank the Lord for His faithfulness to us.  I thank Him also for the faithfulness of the people of CrossPoint.  Sunday was a beautiful day, indeed.






Habitat for Humanity House update

For the next few weekends, we will be sharing updates from the Habitat for Humanity build that CrossPoint is a part of.  If you would like to help with the build and still haven’t signed up, please contact the church office.

God provided us a beautiful day for day two of our project. With the sun shining and temps rising quickly we started the day with about 40 + people. After a word of prayer we divided up into groups. One group took the task of installing the insulation board and wrap for the exterrior walls. The second group started sorting through the marked trusses and handing them to another group standing on the walls that was installing them. The fourth group had to wait a bit but finally started the roof decking.

By lunch time we were 3/4 of the way done with the trusses, 1/4 of the way done with the roof decking, and finished with the insulation board and wrap. After a fantastic lunch prepared by another group of Crosspointers off site, the crowd thinned a little but we resumed the goal to finish the roof. By 5:00 it was done. The trusses….finished, the decking…finished, the facia board…finished. The task of the day…completed. We all went home tired and sore but happy. Happy to finish what we started but happy most of all because we worked for the glory of the Lord. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped this past weekend.

–David Tully