more on mortification

9781857921076Yesterday, I printed the first paragraph of the prayer “Mortification” from The Valley of Vision.

The Puritan prayer reminds me of John Owen’s book The Mortification of Sin.  The theme of the book is simply – kill sin or it will kill you.

The mortification of sin begins with repentance.  Repentance leads to confession.  Confession gives birth to accountability.

Accountability produces victory.

Since the first paragraph of “Mortification” spoke to us so convincingly, consider praying through the remainder of the prayer:

My iniquities are increased over my head:
My trespasses are known in the heavens,
and there Christ is gone also,
my advocate with the Father,
my propitiation for sins,
and I hear his word of peace.

At present it is a day of small things with me,
I have light enough to see my darkness,
sensibility enough to feel the hardness of my heart,
spirituality enough to mourn my want of a heavenly mind;
but I have had more,
I ought to have had more,
I have never been straitened in thee,
thou has always packed before me an infinite fullness,
and I have not taken it.

I confess and bewail my deficiencies and backslidings:
I mourn my numberless failures,
my incorrigibility under rebukes,
my want of profiting under ordinances of mercy,
my neglect of opportunities for usefulness.

It is not with me as in months past:
O recall me to thyself, and enable me to feel my first love.
May my improvements correspond with my privileges,
May my will accept the decisions of my judgment,
My choice be that which conscience approves, and may I never condemn myself in the things I allow!


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