be courageous, president obama

One of my weekly routines includes reading some of my favorite blogs.  After viewing this video from another blog, I decided we should put it on our JUSTONEMORE page.

You will agree with me that John Piper nails it.  This is one of the clearest, most soul stirring arguments against abortion.

Spread the word, and make sure your friends and family members watch this video.  Pray, also, that President Obama watching this message as well.


1 Response to “be courageous, president obama”

  1. February 8, 2009 at 7:43 pm

    I am guilty. I am at fault. I am the problem. I have sat back and allowed literally millions of babies be killed and have done NOTHING. Abortion is wrong. But, it’s LEGAL in the USA and business is booming!!!! What if we join together in prayer that Christ would forgive our sins and we would turn from our own wicked ways, and seek his face, and then HE will hear a voice from Heaven and heal our land. We are a LOST County. And, I’m sorry. But, it’s NOT going to get better. The word of God is very clear that it will get to the point where the brother will kill brother over their faith or lack thereof.

    So, John Pipper is correct. He normally is. He is a God fearing man. He is a great Pastor. But, I would like to have heard him talk about what strategic steps we can take to stop abortion in our country. I’m open to ideas out there to stop the murdering of our babies.

    I will start a list…

    1) Prayer to a Holy God Begging for his direction, grace, mercy, and forgivness.

    How about another idea….

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