knowledge of the Holy One

My renewed desire to know the Holy One is voracious.  This hunger is not something I cooked up or concocted. The renewed passion, I am convinced, is from the Holy One.  God is calling me to Himself.

More than just knowledge about God, I want intimacy with God.  More than knowing facts about Him, I want to know His ways, His thoughts, and His glory.  More than just comprehension of the Holy One, I want to love the Holy One.

While dwelling on God’s greatness, supremacy and majesty this morning, I compiled a list comparing and contrasting the world’s view of God versus the Bible’s view of God.  You will notice at first glance there is a strange dichotomy between two views.  Yet upon closer examination you see they have a razor-thin edge of similarity.  Do not be fooled by the subtlety, however.  What the world says about God and what the Bible says about God are worlds apart.

The World’s View of God – The Bible’s View of God

Man is the centerpiece of creation – God is the centerpiece of creation
Man is saved by works – Man is saved by grace through faith
Pray a prayer or walk an aisle – Repent of your sin and believe in the Lord
Promote self – Deny self
Get all you can – Give all you can
Man-centered preaching – God-centered preaching
Know thyself – Know God
It’s your life, live it to the fullest – Life is a gift from God, live for His glory
Glorify self – Glorify God
Become a better you – Become just like Jesus
What’s in it for me? – It’s not about me!
Worship with you in mind – Worship with God in mind
Name it and claim it – Seek Him and know Him
Be the best – Be broken
Exalt yourself – Humble yourself
I must increase, He must decrease – He must increase, I must decrease
Preach self – Preach the Word
Make the Bible relevant – Don’t make the Bible irrelevant
Ask God to bless you – Ask God to break you
God needs me – I need God
Keep God first – God alone
Make Him Lord – He is Lord
I got saved – God saved me
Discover your destiny – Confess your depravity

I would be curious to read your responses.


1 Response to “knowledge of the Holy One”

  1. 1 Searching
    February 6, 2009 at 7:21 am

    Those are some very interesting contrasts Ryan…
    I wonder if we as people all too often get caught up in issues and agendas that distract us from what we need most; to learn more of who the God of the Bible is and learn to love him as he deserves. It seems to me that all the issues and nonsense in life would fall into place. As long as we use the worlds techniques to try and convince it that it needs God; we will fail. But if we were to truly follow the example of Christ and love people and reflect the presence of God within us what a difference there would be. But we first have to change ourselves by coming to that deep and intimate love with God. We can not change the world’s view of God with law or human tactics. We can not convince the world that God is who he says he is so long as they do not see him in us and in our behavior and in our attitudes. Until the world finds the true and living God, they look to those of us who claim his name for evidence. And as long as we act like the Pharisees we cannot reach an increasingly skeptical world.
    A couple of contrasts;
    Discover your destiny – Discover the God of the Bible
    I earned everything I have – Everything belongs to God
    I can do anything – I can do nothing apart from God
    A little money would fix my life – Knowing God changes you from within

    We could all go on and on, right?

    Soli Deo Gloria!

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