Construction mission trip

J1M GUEST BLOGGER: I have invited my friend, Hugh Patrick to be our guest blogger this weekend.  Hugh and his wife, Carolyn, are total Kingdom players.  They both epitomize the CrossPoint spirit to serve as ministers.  Hugh is the team leader of our Habitat Project, as well as this summer’s Adult Mission Trip to Kentucky.  I asked him to blog about both of these endeavors.  Please contact us through our congregation’s webpage if you would like to participate in or support either one of these mission opportunities.

One of the highlights of the Construction Ministry at CrossPoint each year is when we go out of state to help a church construct a facility that they otherwise could not afford to construct.

This past weekend, Carolyn and I, along with the other members of the Mission Construction Team, visited with the Gospel of Grace Baptist Church in Hodgenville, Kentucky, to make plans to help them with their facility the week of June 8-12, 2009.

We met a wonderful pastor and several members of the congregation and went over plans with them for the construction of their facility in Hodgenville.  They are presently meeting in a small rented space about a mile from the lot where their new facility will be located.  This is a small congregation that was started about two years ago.  At this time, they could not possibly construct a building without volunteer help.

In addition to building this building from the slab up, we will be assisting another small congregation located nearby with some finish construction on a metal building that they have just constructed.

Our team is presently working to secure motel rooms, eating facilities, and other material that we will be presenting to CrossPointers and our out-of-state volunteer friends by the first of March.

Our “Just One More” can work in Kentucky just like it works in Argo, Alabama.  I hope many of you will prayerfully consider being a part of this effort in June.  This is a family-oriented ministry and is extremely rewarding for every family that participates.


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