leslie davis’ story

God revealed a small glimpse of His glory last weekend at CrossPoint.  He used a young woman, and her story of heartache and grace to open our hearts.  Today, we are posting Leslie’s story for those of you who did not hear it.

Leslie, I speak for all of us when I say, thank you.  You are a very courageous young woman of faith.  Thank you for your transparency and honesty.  The Lord used you last weekend, and he will continue to use you.  You are a gift to His kingdom.

And now for those who have not read it, this is Leslie’s story.  Share it with as many people as you know.

I was raised by a single mom in a Christian home.  We went to church almost every Sunday.  I claimed to have accepted Christ at the age of 8 and I was baptized.  I continued to live in this manner and proclaimed to be a Christian to those around me.  When I was a teenager I started to hang out with people who were not always the best influence.  I had a boyfriend and was addicted to attention.  My relationship with my mother became fractured due to my behavior and her reactions to it.  I did not trust anyone in my life.

At the age of 18 I found myself pregnant.  I had just graduated from high school and was set to leave for college at Liberty University in Virginia.  I could not wait to get out from my mother’s house and I could not let anything get in the way.  I admitted to my boyfriend that I was pregnant and he said he would support whatever decision I made.  I chose to abort my baby when I was eight weeks pregnant.  My boyfriend’s parents took me to the clinic and waited for me while my pregnancy was terminated.  It was a truly physically painful experience that I will never forget.  My mother never knew.

I left for school ten days later.  I lived in silence my first semester there.  I did not know who I could tell that would not look at me like I was a horrible person.  When I returned to school in January, not much had changed in me.  Spiritual emphasis week rolled around as it did twice a year.  I refused to go.  I went to church at school regularly and attended the required chapel services.  I did not see the point in going to extra church services.  Apparently God had other plans.

He convicted the heart of my spiritual life director to confront me about my salvation.  I remember blatantly lying to her that I was sure I would go to heaven if I died.  She had the guts to tell me she did not believe me.  She let me know that the week’s services had been extended to Thursday for the first time ever.  She wanted me to go to that extra service.  I reluctantly agreed.  I spent the next day deep in thought and sought advice from some friends.  Those friends invited me to sit with them during the service.

Jamey Ragel was the speaker and the date was January 31, 2002.  That night I got saved and became a follower of Christ.  It is forever my spiritual birthday.

For two years I continued to grow through my quiet time and through the lessons that I was taught at school and in services.  I was able to become involved in youth ministry and I was having a wonderful time.  Something was still amiss though.  I still suffered with emotional scars from my abortion that time alone would not heal.  I was stabbed with pain every time the university President, Rev. Jerry Falwell, would speak of God’s love for the unborn and for the abolishment of abortion.  I had been given the courage to admit my sin to some and those people still loved me.  I still could not tell my family.

The summer of 2004 I was blessed to go through a bible study called “Forgiven and Set Free”.  It was designed for post-abortive women who needed to be healed.  It was one of the best things that I have ever done.  I was able to meet some wonderful women who are still my friends.  We have a bond as sisters in Christ who have been in the same place.  I was able to accept God’s healing in my life and his love for me no matter what.  I was able to honor my baby with a name and a physical memorial to him.  I know that he is in heaven today waiting with Jesus.

The healing, grace, and forgiveness that I have been blessed with have caused me to take a stand for life and for the right of women to know what harm abortion does in a life.  I am part of a group called Silent No More and I am blessed to share my testimony beside many others.  While we wish we didn’t know each other through our common experiences, we are comforted to know what one another has experienced.  We will always be sisters.  I had the joy of marching in Washington, D.C., last January as part of the March for Life.  We stood on a stage surrounded by thousands of people silently holding signs expressing our regret for our actions and loss.  We then shared our stories in front of the Supreme Court.  We feel that if we are not silent then women might hear the truth.

I was asked once what was lost when I terminated my pregnancy and ended by baby’s life.  The answer was clear.  The world lost a son, a grandson, a brother, uncle, cousin, friend, student, husband, and father.  The world lost someone who might have cured cancer or solved a major crisis.  He could have been the leader of our county and had a positive influence on the world and society.

I know that my Lord loves me and will always be my Daddy.  He has blessed my husband and me with a son who is loved dearly.  I will have to tell him that he has a brother in heaven and I pray that he will understand God’s love through that knowledge.  He will one day learn that my Daddy knew him in the womb and loved me.  He will learn that my Daddy delights in showing mercy.  He will learn that my Daddy is abounding in love.  He will learn that my Daddy never changes.  I have learned all of these things and I pray that our son will learn them and keep them in his heart.

God has blessed me beyond compare.  He gives me courage and a smile.  He has blessed me with a loving husband, a new son, and a wonderful home.  He has given me beauty for my ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair (Isaiah 61:3).  I owe Him all of my praise and devotion.  He has given more than I could ever ask for.


2 Responses to “leslie davis’ story”

  1. 1 Searching
    January 27, 2009 at 12:16 pm

    Very compelling testimony!

    Contrition. Grace. Mercy. Forgiveness. Restroration. Blessing. Ministry.

    It’s interesting how conditional some of these are in church and how unconditional they are in God.

    Thanks to Leslie and to Ryan.

  2. 2 pastorron7
    January 28, 2009 at 7:18 am

    Leslie… wow. It is to God’s glory that you have a wonderful testimony of the healing power of an all loving Savior. My God use you to heal many who suffer in silence. May God use you to bring many into the Kingdom.


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