a true woman of faith

Last Thursday I wrote extensively about the hope every born-again believer has in Jesus Christ.  What you are about to read is a living example of the hope I described.  Today’s blog should be required reading for everyone.  I made it required reading for my staff.

These are the words of a dying woman.  Her name is Lorie.  She and her husband, Daryl, have been in a fight for her.  Lorie and Daryl are both born-again believers and followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Contact everyone you know and beg them to read her blog entry from last Saturday, January 10.  This is a statement of faith.  It is a true declaration of hope.

From her Caringbridge webpage, Lorie writes:

It has been some time since my last post so maybe I should set the set record straight.  I am not in a coma and I have not been kidnapped by aliens.  I have been in and out of a drug induced “fog” for the last two weeks.  I have no idea when I checked into the ER, but I do know I will not be going back to M D Anderson in Houston.
Christmas Eve I flew home to be with my family.  I was in severe pain, but I made it to church with the boys, Daryl and my mother in tow.  How did Wes know O Holy Night was my favorite Christmas carol?  How could he know it was those beautiful words I so desperately needed to hear?  As we listened to the music in the dark, my hand in the air, my face lifted to Heaven, I knew I was meant to be at this service.  I needed to feel God’s warmth on my face.  We eased out the back door and headed home to enjoy putting together the presents from T Clause.  Christmas morning I enjoyed thirty minutes of joy on the faces of my beautiful sons.  Their smiling faces gave me complete happiness and took away the pain for a little while.  Daryl took the boys to their great grandmother’s for Christmas as I lay on the couch feeling sorry for myself – I hurt so badly.  I endured till Monday before I had to check into the ER.  After seeing Melissa and Matt from church Monday night, I can recall very little.  Today is Saturday the 10th of January, and it’s a good day.  I take each day moment by moment.
A CAT scan that was ran on Monday revealed my worst nightmare, the cancer had spread to my brain.  That was the cause of my pain, vomiting, dizziness, etc. I have elected to not have any more treatments in Houston.  I will await my God’s decision.
I made the decision to not see my children again because it will be easier for them and it is so heart breaking for me.  I will live my remaining moments confined to this bed with my husband and mother by my side.
Thank you for the wonderful meals, the treats, the calls and most of all, for your heart felt prayers.  We love you all so much.  Thank you for taking care of my boys during this terrible time.

Please pray for the Lord to take Lorie home to be with Him soon.  Pray also for Daryl, their boys Zach and Noah, and his parents, Ken and Sherry, along with Lorie’s mother, Brenda.   And when you pray, give thanks for this woman of faith.  She is a fine example for the rest of us to follow.


1 Response to “a true woman of faith”

  1. 1 pastorron7
    January 13, 2009 at 9:53 am

    God is glorified in the death of His saints. You asked, “How sovereign is God?” the answer is completely. Much more is taught about God through the suffering of His chosen ones than the bling of “Your Best Life Now.” What I read in this dear lady’s words is what has been called “Dying Grace.” This is a gift from God where the believer knows… “Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil BECAUSE THOU ART WITH ME…”

    Thanks for the post. The family is in my prayers…


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