a great discipline for 2009

One of the greatest disciplines you can develop is that of reading through the Bible every year.  My grandfather introduced me to this discipline many, many years ago.  Every morning he would spend at least an hour, sometimes longer, studying God’s Word.  I can still picture him, sitting in his recliner, searching through the pages as if he were scouring for gold.

Years later, my mentor, Dr. Harry Lucenay, challenged me to read through my Bible every year of my ministry.  The first year I accepted his challenge was 1987.  This morning, I completed my 22nd circuit through the Word of God.

Perhaps this email I received on Monday will help you understand what a difference reading your Bible makes in your life as a Christ-follower:

Ryan –
We did it!  We did it!! We did it!!!
I wanted to say Thank-you for challenging us to Read Through the Bible in 2008.
I knew that Mom would do it.   I doubted that Dad would get far.   I knew that there was no way I would complete it.    But I am thrilled (and a bit amazed) to say, we have all completed our reading.   And yes, it was a “GOD thing”.  For each of us, this was our first time to read the Bible.    Based on our schedules, life events, CPU reading which distracted me, etc … sometimes we would get behind / other times we would read ahead.   This summer when Jason & I escaped town for a few days, I didn’t take my Bible… but at some point during the stay, I pulled out the trusty Gideon version and read random chapters.
We have all received our One Year Bibles for 2009 reading.  We do not look at this years reading as a challenge – but as an addition to our daily time with God.
Again – thank you for all you have done in our lives.
Peace Always,

Well done, Vickie, well done.  Now I challenge you to do this every year of your life for the remainder of your life.

Tomorrow is a great day to pick up the Word of God and start reading.  For those of you who purchased a One Year Bible, I look forward to beginning our reading from God’s Word tomorrow.  It is going to be a refreshing journey, just ask Vickie.

For those interested in a Bible reading plan, you may find one in the links on the right hand side of the page.


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