Boulders for God’s Glory – Part 2

The Dec. 6 & 7 weekend edition blogs are written by Emanuel Neiconi.  Emanuel, a native of Romania, is a web marketer and freelance photographer.  You can visit his photography site at www.neiconi.com.

While I am looking forward to that glorious day when we’re all going to be singing the praises of Jesus in heaven, I was reminded of what the church truly should be like, just a couple of weeks ago. When we were married, we purchased a home which became full of “boulders” of God’s provision, love, faithfulness and grace.

This home saw a newly-wed couple come through its doors; three new babies took up residence within its walls; a business started in a downstairs den; and the list goes on. Yet, this safe haven of ours was full of problems which were unbeknownst to us when we purchased it (I should write a book called “How to destroy a good building in ten steps or less”) – water pouring around the power sockets during a good rain; deck barely nailed to the back of the house; wiring that left many people scratching their heads; six (yes, six) phone lines running through the walls, yet not one working; roof improperly installed causing floors to sink in and walls to rot out.

About a month ago, just in passing, while teaching our Sunday School class, I mentioned the serious repairs needed to fix our sinking floors, rebuilding the chimney box and getting a new roof installed. Before we knew it, and without asking for anything, we had an outpouring of people willing to sacrifice their time to come work on the house.

Two weeks later, tens of cars and people showed up over a period of two days, many of them whom we had no idea who they were (One funny thing happened. There were so many cars lining up the street that the mail lady didn’t even bother to stop. We didn’t get the mail until the next week.). A new roof (and labor!) was donated and installed. This was truly the DEVOTED (Acts) church in action. I truly can’t wait to share heaven with the church of Jesus Christ.

Setting up boulders along our life’s journey is something that God considers important. It is because of these stones that our children may come to know the Lord. It is because of these stones that others may get to see what God has done in our lives and give their lives to Him. And even if we say no words after we’ve set them up, these “stones will cry out” and God will get the glory that’s due only His name.


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