why work out your own salvation?

The following video is undeniably truth-telling.  After watching it I would be curious to hear if any of see the importance of each believer working out his own salvation.  Watch, and then you decide.

Perhaps one of the many reasons the evangelical church in Europe is dead is because sanctification no longer mattered to the “believers” of Europe.  The same will happen in America.

To “work out your own salvation” is a matter of personally growing in Christ.  When believers cease to grow in Christ, the church will die.

Thanks to CrossPointer, Tim Tidwell, for sending me the link.


3 Responses to “why work out your own salvation?”

  1. 1 Searching
    December 3, 2008 at 7:07 am

    I’ve been declaring for years that the message and truth of the gospel is timeless and relevant but that unless we keep the context of it current or even futuristic for the youth who are learning of it they will become bored and uninterested. For me this video tells me that I was right. Young people are more sophisticated than at any time in history and to ignore what gets their attention is to facilitate the decline of the church. Unfortunately for you Ryan, the church leaders of today have a great responsibility to frame the gospel in a fresh and relevant way in order to keep the attention of an entire generation plagued with ADD and ADHD. We all know that the speed at which we live today has found its way to the level at which our children learn. We have to continue to refine and revise our techniques, our education process and methodology to communicate the always real and relevant gospel message to a generation in constant motion and with access to more information and technology than we dreamed of even twenty years ago. Perhaps this video can serve as a spark to motivate us to see our mission a little clearer and do something about it before we start to see church buildings become night clubs here in Alabama. Thank you Ryan. Peace and blessings!

  2. December 3, 2008 at 10:22 am

    The video is interesting. It reveals a few things. We certainly must take responsiblity for our personal relationship with Christ and share His loving, saving power with others. I’m not as saddened by the closing or reuse of those structures since I’m not the judge of those using them. I am more saddened by the MANY churches in operation who exist for selfish purposes and focus on their physical structure by using it to congregate in vain. Jesus addresses the hot, cold and lukewarm. Satan could have very well been alive in those churches for years. We can just see him now. It’s out in the open rather than hidden behind empty traditions which can defile pure worship of a Holy God. Would you rather deal with a wolf or a wolf dressed like a sheep? Unfortunately masking is his specialty. If we don’t wise up to his schemes we will all be dooped. There’s probably more churches than those stats reveal. They just still look like sheep. For the few members who were sincere, they lost their motivation to fight. Where are they now? They need reminding of the hope of our Savior and they need our prayers. Maybe they’ve started some churches in other places where the people were willing to listen. One can hope.

    Searching, I agree. We will increasingly be the minority as prophesied. Wide is the gate…but narrow the path. That narrow path will become more challenging to stay on for Christians. Good points. Prayerfully discerning and encouraging spiritual leaders who rightly divide the Word of God is more important now than ever. They’re not a dime a dozen anymore and they certainly need our participation and prayers.

    How we handle Christmas and Easter in our country is very revealing as well. I’m already feeling the pressure to focus on Santa and his elves with my children rather than Christ at Christmas. If we’re not willing to give up some social popularity and personal comforts, we have to ask ourselves how much we really do love God. It will not get any easier. If any parents have tips on balancing both I’d be interested to hear in addition to comments on Ryan’s video.

    In Christ alone. God’s richest blessings to each of you.

  3. 3 Marie
    December 5, 2008 at 1:25 pm

    Will somebody please let me know if you hear of a church that is teaching and preaching the unvarnished truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ going out of business. The churches in the video did not close without God’s knowledge.

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