Only Jesus and Jesus only

In my last installment on salvation this week, I want to recount a story my friend, Harry Lucenay, shared to me.  As many of you know, Harry is the shepherd of an English-speaking, International congregation in Hong Kong.

Harry writes:

Bill, a British man who works in Southeast Asia and occasionally is in Hong Kong, spoke up in Prayer Meeting.  He said, “My neighbor, Ed, is Buddhist.  I told him he ought to just add Jesus to what he believes.  After all, it is easier to add to what one believes than it is to subtract.  After a while, when he sees the Spirit of Jesus, he may drop some of the other things.   Preacher, what do you think of that?”  Well, that certainly changed the direction of the Prayer Meeting discussion.  I spoke to him for a few minutes about Jesus being the only way of salvation.  M.W. was sitting next to Bill. When I finished M.W. turned to Bill and said, “Jesus is the only one who loved me enough to die for me.  The rest of them teach contentment or some such things.  Jesus invites me to share eternity with him.  That love and that eternal relationship is why I gave my heart to him.”

That love and that eternal relationship is why I gave my heart to him.  Amen, and amen. Only Jesus and Jesus only.


2 Responses to “Only Jesus and Jesus only”

  1. 1 Lee
    October 24, 2008 at 9:02 am

    A-men! Love is at the heart of the gospel and therefore, the heart of God and the theme of the Bible. The ten commandments were given in love to preserve love. The first five commandments describe how to preserve fellowship with God, the second five comandments describe how to preserve fellowship with others. Like any parent who loves their child, God does not define boundaries by “laying down the law” in order to make us miserable. He is not a tyrant and his law is not arbitrary. His law defines reality so that we may have “eyes to see” the difference between good and evil, freeing us from the deception of Satan, the father of lies and the prince of darkness.

    The gospel is offensive because it is demanding and exclusive. It is demanding and exclusive because it is true; it demands a choice of either accepting or rejecting it and it excludes those who reject it. Hell is a consequence of choosing to reject the gospel, chosen by the individual who rejects the truth. Fellowship with God requires being made perfect by him through Jesus because it is the truth, the only way to be restored to him and to have the darkness of our blindness illuminated by the light, allowing us to see. Choosing to walk in the light results in fellowship with God and man as God intended according to the ten commandments. The loving manifestation of Christian fellowship is not duplicatable by the world and can only be known in the world by those who have fully embraced the truth of the gospel.

    A big step that would help to bring clarity to the confusion related to the gospel would be for the Church to start living the gospel as a credible testimony of the truth. In order for this to happen, those who profess belief in Christ need to be clear about what it is they say they believe and submit themselves to be changed by it. Due to our failure to live the gospel, the world has good reason to doubt the gospel’s credibiilty. Only true fellowship will give credibility to truth of the gospel, presenting fruit as the evidence we are connected to the vine about which the gospel story tells.

  2. October 24, 2008 at 6:32 pm

    Jesus is all that matters. This is refreshing to read about with so much discussions lately about Baptists vs. Catholics or Methodist vs. Assembly of God…..It’s all about Jesus not Religion. Quick story: My mom came across a very wealthy family recently at a grocery store in Tennessee and my mom told the couple: God bless you and Jesus loves you. The rich young lady said, “I’m religious and spiritual. So, I don’t need Jesus.” WOW!!!!! This rich young lady and her family go to one of the largest Baptist Churches in the State of Tennessee. It’s not about religion. It’s about Jesus.

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