I don’t want them to change me

As some of you know I gave up television earlier in 2008.  Other than one or two football games a weekend or a broadcast of news every now and then, I practically quit watching the tube.  The best part of dropping the habit is that I have re-prioritized my week where now I no longer have time for the mindless junk.  Last night, however, I decided to take a peak at TV, and was I shocked!

It was 10:00 PM.  I watched the local news first.  Five minutes into the broadcast I changed the channel because the reports were depressing.

Then I flipped to one of the national news channels.  The political spin made me nauseas.  Again, I flipped channels.

“What about Monday night football?” I thought to myself.  When I finally found the game, I was disappointed watching Brett Favre embarrass him self.  Brett should hang it up before some linebacker hangs him out to die.

I spent the final few minutes with swift channel surfing.  Each channel revealed one bizarre character after another.  There was the preaching charlatan who looked and sounded more like a circus entertainer.  Several shows promoted gay men telling women how to dress, style their hair and do their makeup.  The reality channels were anything but reality.  Other channels were hawking unnecessary products.  It was all bizarre.

My television viewing was brief.  During the few minutes watching the tube I was both humored and saddened.  I was humored by the emptiness.  I was saddened by the chicanery.  Television is nothing more than a grand advertisement for human depravity.  So I clicked off the tube and retired for the day.

My tube surfing experience night reminds me of an email Tim Tidwell sent me.  I wonder how many of you can relate?

In the November 1987 Reader’s Digest, Betty Wein retells an old tale she heard from Elie Wiesel (vee-zehl’):
“A just man comes to Sodom hoping to save the city. He pickets. What else can he do? He goes from street to street, from marketplace to marketplace, shouting, ‘Men and women, repent. What you are doing is wrong. It will kill you; it will destroy you.’
They laugh, but he goes on shouting, until one day a child stops him. ‘Poor stranger, don’t you see it’s useless?’
‘Yes,’ the just man replies.
‘Then why do you go on?’ the child asks.
‘In the beginning,’ he says, ‘I was convinced that I would change them. Now I go on shouting because I don’t want them to change me.’

I quit watching television because I don’t want them to change me.


4 Responses to “I don’t want them to change me”

  1. 1 Searching
    September 24, 2008 at 5:40 am

    ha…ha…ha… you do certainly have an interesting view Ryan! I do enjoy your blogs! Peace My Brother!

  2. September 24, 2008 at 2:28 pm

    Many words have been used to describe my views. INTERESTING is a first. Searching, you bless me. I think?!

  3. 3 Searching
    September 25, 2008 at 5:26 am

    Without question you bless me and are a blessing Ryan! I praise God and thank him for you often!

  4. September 25, 2008 at 7:27 pm

    You are gracious, Searching.

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