Which trait describes you?

I kicked off the DEVOTED series last weekend.  More than a series, I see this as a challenge to the CrossPoint family of faith.

As a result of all the study and prayer, I am just now beginning to see how God is going to use this challenge in my own life.  God is already working on me overtime.  I am sensing a tremendous amount of conviction regarding my own personal devotion to the Lord and His church.

While praying about DEVOTED and the messages that are to come, I thought of different approaches people have toward the church.

Some are DISINTERESTED.  They think the church is no longer relevant.  These are the ones you hear comment, “All they ever talk about at church is money.”  These people just flat out do not get it.  They have no interest in the things of God.

Then there are the DISSATISFIED.  They just don’t like church.  It takes too much time out of their life.  They were forced to go to church as a child, and they have had enough of it.  They are driven by what they can consume, and the church has nothing of interest to their level of consumption.

There are the DISTRACTED.  Did you know that the average church member misses, on average, 13 – 15 Sundays a year?  Where are they?  Where do they go?  I know where they are, they are distracted by what the world says is important.

There are DENIERS.  These people do not believe they have a sin problem, or that their life is fine just exactly the way it is.  They will call on God if they need Him, and right now they do not need Him.

Then, there are the DEVOTED.  These are the ones who have born-again, redeemed, regenerated and forgiven.  As a result of their salvation they have figured it out.  They see the big picture.  They know what is going on, and they are committed to what really matters.

I am curious, which word best describes you.


3 Responses to “Which trait describes you?”

  1. 1 byron buckner
    September 8, 2008 at 6:46 am

    I’m distracted……i’ve been in church all my life..2 services on sunday, 1 wed. and any in between. have given lots of my time to church, sometimes not sure if it was for the exact right reasons…have served on most all commitees, even search committees, and worst of all nominating ncommittees….taugtht s.s. for more than 15 years……when we came to c.point, we breath a breath of fresh air..maybe too much, but it was what we needed..It has given me time to look at my life as a dad, child, friend, husband, and has given me time { yes sundays} to read more than ever in my life..you no, sometimes, no ALL the time God uses different times in our lifes to teach us different things if we are listening to Him…Amie and I both have grown since being at crosspoint, and have really enjoyed the no pressure we get there..I do think however Ryans sermon series is on track for me, because if I’m not carefull I can become too distracted even by the good things I mentioned above….thanks Ryan I needed this series….byron

  2. 2 Searching
    September 8, 2008 at 8:16 am

    I find myself, being completely honest and transparent, somewhere between dissatisfied and disinterested Brother Ryan. For me the diminished relavancey of the church has more to do with spiritual maturity and doctrines of man than defining it as irrelavant to the world as a whole. I believe so much of what is happening in churches is a reflection of what’s happening in the world instead of focusing on who God is and maturing the relationship with him. And I don’t like the attitude I have found in many churches towards anyone who doesn’t believe exactly what they do. There is a mean spirit running through a lot of churches these days. An intollerance or indifference towards even other Christian people with differing theologies. I just don’t see the relfection of God’s unconditional love in the Christian people I encounter in my life or in the public realm. And this more accurately defines my dissatisfaction with church than what I consume from it. I have always considered myself as a devoted disciple of God, so it will be revealing to hear your series and measure myself with it. Thanks! Searching

  3. 3 pastorron7
    September 8, 2008 at 11:03 am

    I see devotion to God as a heart issue… something that springs out of a love relationship. Because I love my wife, I am devoted to her. Because I love my children, I am devoted to them. With God it’s a little different… because I see how great His love is for me there wells up within me both love and devotion to Him. It is something kind of like an pear tree producing pears or a grape vine producing grapes. It is something that doesn’t seem to be all that difficult, but rather natural. Maybe I’m odd or different, but even when the hardships and trials have entered my life I have never questioned His love and devotion to me nor has my devotion and love for Him wavered.

    Sounds like you have a great topic for a series of messages. Wish I were there to hear them. I’m sure there are ways I can grow in my love and devotion to the Lord. Preach it!


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