Bloviate about nothing

Am I the only one disgusted with the political climate of our nation, or are any of you put out with it?

I am disgusted on several fronts.

Who do we think we are kidding?  Neither Obama nor McCain can solve America’s mess.  Yet there are many who believe their candidate has all the answers.

Additionally, why do we tolerate the junk the media promotes?  I barely have enough gall to watch the speeches.  When the political pundits start ranting afterwards I have to turn off the tube.

Moreover, why would someone want to run for president?  What is their real motive?  Why would they want to subject their family to such scrutiny?  Surely they do not think they can change America, do they?

Wow, I am really dour, aren’t I?

I am not throwing in the towel just yet.  But I can tell you this: I think what we have become politically is laughable if it were not so pathetic.

While I am on the offensive, let me ask this question: who in their right mind has not already decided for which candidate they will vote?  What else do you need to decide?  Both men have a party platform on which they stand.  You either agree with it or you do not.

Here is another beef.  If I hear one more career politician telling me they work for me or that they are like me, I am going to throw my shoe through the screen.  Just the other night Kelsey and Vonda instructed me to quit talking to the television set.  I was griping because one of the candidates said they were just like me, and they were there working for me.  They have no more in common with me than I do with Michael Phelps.

This person is a career politician.  They live in a mansion.  They are set for life.  They do not pay bills, balance a checkbook, take kids to school, solve problems, unplug drains, and cut their lawn like I do every week.

Let me apologize in advance to anyone I have offended.  I am just tired of the politics.  Thank you for letting me bloviate about nothing.  Besides, we’ve got bigger fish to fry on this blog.


1 Response to “Bloviate about nothing”

  1. 1 Searching
    September 3, 2008 at 10:07 am

    Nothing shows the disparity between the “haves” and “have-nots” like a political campaign. This is not limited to politicians though, in my opinion. There are a great many in our society who close their eyes and hearts to anyone they consider of lesser value than themselves. I wonder who we as Christians close our eyes and hearts to. Sunday morning church is a great revealor of the reality of association by likeness. Have religious leaders become as detached from the average church member as politicians have become from the people they claim to serve? Can a pastor with a PhD have any common ground with a auto mechanic? Can a degreed engineer have anything in common with a designer who works for him? It is possible but not likely. Can a CEO making a million dollars a year have anything in common with a grocery store clerk making little more than minimum wage? God’s kingdom is not about money but the world we as his children live within is ALL about money and the misuse of it. The world seeks to separate people with any means available. Money, education, religion, background, skin color, marital status, occupation, and any other means to divide people. But how much does the church reflect these same divisions? Like you Ryan, I am weary of the political drama we have been enduring and must endure until November. However, I see parallels all across life these days…

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