It is Time for Vacation

Okay, it is time for me to take a vacation.  My wife and kids agree I need time off.  However, my blog will continue to operate in my absence.  I have invited four special individuals to blog while I am away.

First, I have invited Charlie Wiles.  Charlie is Mr. DQ.  He owns the Dairy Queens in the Clay and Trussville areas.  Charlie and his wife Connie have three married children, and three grandchildren.  Charlie is a very prayerful supporter of CrossPoint’s ministry, and I am so glad he agreed to blog in my absence.  Read closely what he writes.  Charlie has a deep and abiding relationship with Christ.

After Charlie is Jonathan Howe, the JUSTONEMORE.info blog master.  Jonathan is also Beth Howe’s husband.  For those who do not know, Beth is CrossPoint’s Children’s Minister.  Better yet, Jonathan is the father to Ethan and Parker.  You will enjoy Jonathan’s insights.  He likes to read, and it shows in his writing.

Following Jonathan is Chris Howell.  Chris is CrossPoint’s Adult Education and Family Minister.  I have known Chris for more than 15 years.  He served as one of my deacons in the First Baptist Church of Cleveland, Mississippi, where I pastored from 1992 to 1996.  He is married to Carrie, and they have two boys, Daniel and Jordan.  Chris is also my personal editor.  Chris critiques anything of importance that I write for publication.  Chris will bless you not only with his writing skill, but also with his insights.

My final guest blogger is Kimberly Bingham.  Kimberly and David joined CrossPoint just a few months ago.  They have a beautiful little girl named Bella and a new born named Maggie.  Kimberly is special.  She and Angie Harris are two of the women God is using in establishing a CrossPoint ministry devoted to women of all types of needs from stillbirths to infertility to the death of a child and in many other ways.  I love to read Kimberly’s thoughts on her on blog.  I think you will enjoy her writings also.

I trust you can appreciate this lineup of gifted and devoted people.  I look forward to reading their blogs.  I ask you to pray for them as they share their thoughts with us.

Tomorrow I will post one more blog and then that will be it for a while.  I ask that you also pray for my family as we travel, rest, worship and spend a lot of time together.  Keep the faith.


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