The Power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

I have an awesome JUST ONE MORE story to share.

A few weeks ago I met a guest of a CrossPointer.  The guest attended due to an invitation from his CrossPoint friend.  The CrossPointer informed me that his friend had not been in church much during his lifetime, and that worship was a relatively new experience for him.

If memory serves me correctly, our guest’s first Sunday was when I preached the message “Practicing Holy Living” from Ephesians 4:17-24.  During the message I recognized our guest was struggling with the double-edged forcefulness of God’s Word.  At the end of the message this individual was very emotional and seeking counsel from his CrossPoint friend.

Since then our staff has made several contacts with this guest.  Additionally, and more importantly, the CrossPointer who invited him to worship has consistently prayed for, discussed salvation with and repeatedly invited him to worship.

This afternoon I received a phone call from the CrossPointer.  He called to inform me that his friend had just sent him a text message saying he had been born again and that he was now calling CrossPoint his home church.  The CrossPointer admitted that he had little or nothing to do with this friend’s salvation.  He also added how excited he was to be a small part in something so big.

The CrossPointer said he was more than willing to do anything necessary to help his new brother grow in Christ.  The visionary CrossPointer added, “I am going to start with the John 8 passage you read last week in worship.  That pretty much sums up what it means to follow Christ.”  He’s got that right.

I am convinced this man’s salvation is due to three factors.

First and foremost, this story is the result of the sovereign will of God.  God does the saving, we do not.  God calls men and women, boys and girls to salvation.  When God calls, people repent and are saved.

Second, this situation was made possible because a CrossPointer took serious the vision of JUST ONE MORE.  The power of CrossPoint’s vision is so simple a first grader can understand it.  What makes it even more powerful is when an adult CrossPointer understands it and puts it into action.

Finally, the story reveals the saving power of the Gospel.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is called Good News.  It is Good News because through Jesus Christ our sins are forgiven.  That, my friends, is the saving power of the Gospel.

Who have you invited to worship?


1 Response to “The Power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ”

  1. 1 Lee
    June 30, 2008 at 8:40 am

    Awesome! Compelling! I was reminded of the business cards available at the information desk yesterday for use by members as a tool for inviting guests. I grabbed some and will be using them this week. Thanks for working so hard to make it so easy for us!

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