Amy’s Report from Africa: Are Curses Real?

I received the following email Monday morning from one of our summer missionaries: 

Hey Brother Ryan! I just wanted to let you know i made it to Africa okay. We left Tuesday and didn’t get here until Thursday. When we got here we went on a safari. It was amazing! Today we went to a church service. I found out Saturday night I was going to be speaking in front of the enitre church. At first I was nervous, but then I realized that was what God was calling me to do and He would speak through me. I got to speak on my favorite Bible verse and tell why. I spoke on Joshua 1:9. I had a translator and everything! It was an experience alright! I also wanted to get your opinion on something… We have two ladies on this trip that have gotten sick with the exact same virus and fever. They have not changed anything they have eaten or anything, but out of the blue they got sick. The day before they were preaching at a women’s conference and there was a lady in the back pretending to be asleep. Later we found out from a Tanzanian friend that she was casting spells on the two women speaking. They think they might have gotten sick because of the curse. So the next night a few women prayed over them and it went away by morning. So I have a question… Are curses real? I just got to thinking about all of this witchcraft and didn’t know if any of it was real. Many of the people over here believe it. It’s quite different from home. Anyways, I just thought i would say hey and let you know about my trip. Hope to talk to you soon!

Amy Ozley

I have already responded to Amy’s question.  For the curious, I admitted to her that I believe curses are real. 

Then I instructed Amy to read Ephesians 6:10-20, which will be our text in two weeks as we conclude our study of Ephesians. 

I concluded my email reminding her that the power of Jesus Christ is greater than any curse.  Jesus was cursed so that we could be blessed with the hope of eternal life.  Jesus was condemned so that we could be consecrated.  Jesus was abandoned so that we would never be forsaken.  Jesus was rejected so that we would be accepted.

Sunday morning I hugged Amy’s mother, Julie, and told her that Amy will never be the same.  “She will return to the States a different young lady for the Lord,” I said.  “And that is a good thing.”  Amy’s email already reveals the changes occurring in her life.


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