Please pray for vbs and first baptist church, red bud, illinois

Several CrossPointers participated in a Vacation Bible School Prayer Walk at the conclusion of WOW – WORSHIP ON WEDNESDAY – this week.  Beth Howe, our Children’s Minister, asked the adults to conclude WOW with a prayer walk through the building before the start of VBS next Monday.

One of our faithful prayer warriors, Judy Johnson, provided directions for the Prayer Walk.  She divided the crowd into five groups.  Each group was sent in a different direction, praying over specific areas of our facilities and campus.  I participated in the group that walked through the worship center, front foyer, Connector and dining hall.  We were given specific requests for each area.

A few recollections from the VBS Prayer Walk stand out in my mind today.

First, I liked how we were given suggested topics to pray as it pertained to each area.  Each suggested prayer began with one of the following phrases:

Pray that God will…
Pray for God to…
Ask God to…
Thank God for…

When I read those phrases I thought how prayer is more than communicating with God.  Prayer is COMMUNING with God.  Prayer is aligning your self with God, to hear from God, to speak with God, to ask God and to rely on God.  The VBS Prayer Walk was a good reminder of the importance of prayer.

The tangible presence of the Spirit of God leading us through the facility was another good impression from the Prayer Walk.  It was refreshing to watch people walk the hallways in prayer.  There were many of us spread out all over the place, and yet none of were talking to one another.  We were talking to God, and it was evident.

I ask you to pray for Vacation Bible School the remainder of this week, and all of next week.  And while you pray for VBS, please remember to pray for the many CrossPointers who are traveling to Red Bud, Illinois, this weekend and next week.  Pray for their safety.  Pray for good weather.  Pray for people to be saved.  Pray for progress.

Our mission construction team will be building a 20,000 + square foot worship center for the First Baptist Church of Red Bud, Illinois.  A job this size is formidable.  There are many things that could go wrong.  That is all the more reason why we should pray over this trip.

A team from Mobile was there all this week building an adjacent building. You can click here all week to keep up with our team’s progress: www.fbcredbud.com


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