The new arabic preachers

Okay, you must take the time to watch this video.  After watching it, I invite you back to read my remarks and to leave your comments.

Take a moment to view the video now: Arabic Preacher Video

Here are a few thoughts that strike me about the news report.

The young Arabic people are searching for hope.

It is obvious these people are searching for answers.  They are hungry for hope.  There is something missing in their lives, and they want to find the solution.

Islam in either form – fundamentalist or moderate – will never quench the desire for hope.  It does not matter how much someone waters down the Muslim message, and that is what these new preachers are doing, Islam is just like every other religion in the world—a religion of works.  Works never satisfy; works only cause more thirst.

The numerical growth of Islamic followers should alarm us.

The single greatest threat to democracy is Islam.  Two generations ago democracy’s greatest threat was Nazism.  A generation ago the grave danger was Communism.  Today, the peril is Islam.  Islam, I am convinced, is an even greater threat than Nazism and Communism since it is rooted in a heretical religious belief system.  The world must prepare for the “new” Muslims.  Their message is spreading, and spreading rapidly.

Who is communicating the truth to these people?

While watching the video I kept asking myself how these people are being exposed to the Good News of Jesus Christ.  They are not hearing the truth.  They are hearing lies, hearsay, and falsehood.  Someone needs to be preaching the truth for them, sermons based on the Good News that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven.

Finally, some of our gospel messages are not much different than Masoud’s.

There are many so-called “gospel preachers” in America today, and if you listen closely their message is not much different than Masoud’s message.  Change a few words; add God’s name into the mix, and you basically have the same message.  Surely the Christian message is different than Islam.  Surely the proclamation of God’s Word is relevant enough than for man to prop it up with cute stories, interesting facts and emotional anecdotes.

There is so much more that can be said.  Now I want to hear from you.  Let me know what you think.  I am always curious to read your responses.


3 Responses to “The new arabic preachers”

  1. 1 Vaughn
    May 20, 2008 at 4:49 pm

    Islamic moderates are being successful at reaching their target for the cause of Allah. So much so that Islam is indeed growing at an alarming rate. The Koran is not God’s Word nor could it stand alone. However, the Koran, taught to contemporaries in a culturally relevant fashion, is being accepted as gospel by hundreds of thousands of Muslims; and they are sincerely and passionately pursuing their faith with wreckless abandon because of this guy’s approach to their faith. Would that be the case if they simply took the Koran and dove in in an exegetical manner? Not hardly. But being that this “evangelist” of that faith is using a culturally relevant method, he is seeing success.

    Why is it so bad when sincere, true, dedicated, Christ-following pastors and evangelists of our day take on the same approach? You said, “Surely the proclamation of God’s Word is relevant enough than for man to prop it up with cute stories, interesting facts and emotional anecdotes.” Actually, the proclamation of God’s Word becomes relevant to many because the Scripture is taught in a relational manner using “cute” stories (didn’t Jesus use parables?), interesting facts, and emotional anecdotes (aren’t “just one more stories” and testimonies of what God has done in one’s life considered emotional anecdotes?).

    Just a thought.

  2. 2 GAY
    May 21, 2008 at 8:15 am

    I think the point being made is that the Word is more powerful than any two edged sword and many water it down as not to cut themselves much less pierce the heart of those that are listening. I have been in two many services where I didn’t even open my Bible because of all the stories and facts. There is a place for them if it is relevant to the Word being preached but they shouldn’t make up the whole sermon. Ryan, your preaching has improved so much over the last two years and God is continuing to use you greatly. I do wish sometimes that we wouldn’t put the Scriptures on the screen so more people would bring their own Bibles to church but that is a personal preference. We had some friends visit for baby dedication and they loved your preaching style. It was what she had been used too. The church she attends uses cute titles and she didn’t find it as thought provoking as your sermon. I think they will be back. I ran into another couple who told me that someone that just joined our church called and told them that your preaching was on target and that they should visit. Keep it up! God is using you. Be faithful to your calling and preach the Word with integrity.

  3. 3 Kimberly
    May 27, 2008 at 12:09 pm

    I am so thankful to have a pastor that bathes His sermons in scripture~ when we have a pastor who prays for us, prays about his sermons, and then comes week after week with a prepared heart, the use of God’s word through scripture is God speaking to us week after week. On, Sundays I leave feeling that I have just heard the voice of God, one can never ever go wrong or astray when seeking and preaching God’s living word. This is the difference in sermons with “cute stories” ~ of course Jesus used parables and of course testimonies can be effective and there are stories that Ryan has told on Sundays that have been effective, but let us never forget, one of the ways that we hear God’s voice is through His living word, after all, God’s living word will prevail over any sort of story at any moment in time! Thanks Ryan, for challenging me week after week, to go home after your sermons and seek God’s word in even a deeper way! It is my prayer that as a follower of Jesus Christ, that I NEVER get “hung up” or that I never focus too much time on “cute stories” because that time is better spent with God seeking His voice through His word.

    Moment by moment~
    John 16:33

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