Why I Didn’t Drop Out!

I don’t know how many of you know Dr. Mark Isley. Mark and his wife, Belinda, are faithful CrossPointers, involved in the Family Matters Bible Study Group.

Some of you may recognize Mark’s name from the list of potential candidates for the Hoover High School Principal. Mark was one of the top three candidates for the job. He believes it was a direct answer to prayer he was not selected for the job. There are many CrossPointers, along with Mark’s pastor, who would agree with his assessment.

Mark is an extremely sought after school administrator. Dr. Isley currently serves as the principal of the Shelby County Alternative School. During Mark’s tenure this school has experienced revival among the students and faculty.

Mark sent me a letter from a recent graduate. As you read this letter you will see why Mark’s school is being awakened by God’s Spirit, and why Mark is so highly respected across this state.

Why I didn’t drop out!

When I found out that I had to go to Alternative School I said that school wasn’t for me. My parents said that I needed to graduate from high school so I could have a better job than a high school drop-out.

When I came to the Alternative School I was treated with respect. The kind of respect you give to someone who you’ve just met for the first time. The Alterative School helped me succeed by encouraging me to do better. I had to take the Graduation Exam while I was in the Alternative School. I tried my best to pass this exam. Finally when I got the results back, it said that I passed all portions of the graduation exam, I was so exited that I almost cried out loud for joy!

While I was at the Alternative School I met two men named: Mr. Hopper and Mr. Davis. Before I met them I was lost; I didn’t know who GOD was on a spiritual, physical, and emotional level. These two men run a program called First Priority. While I was at the Alternative School I attended every meeting of First Priority.

Due to these two men I am no longer lost. I AM FOUND!!!! Before I didn’t believe in GOD because I couldn’t physically see him, touch him, or smell him. I now realize that the only proof you need is to see how a truly believe that JESUS CHRIST died on the cross to pay for all of my sins and that I will live an eternal life threw me knowing HIM.

CrossPoint has many teachers, principals and administrators in the public school system. I give thanks for each of them, especially when they make this kind of eternal difference in the life of a student.


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