God’s Comfort in the Midst of Sorrow

I apologize in advance for concluding this week with this particular video. However, I had to await permission before I could post it. Prepare yourself. This is something that will touch your heart.

The mother and father of Elijah produced this video slideshow to honor the birth and death of their stillborn son. I am astounded by the images. It is impossible to imagine the heartache unless you have been there.

I share this with you because God has appointed a small group of women at CrossPoint who meet each Wednesday night to pray, talk and console one another. More than that, these women are on a mission.

They want to help other women find Christ in the midst of their heartache and loss.

Each woman has her own story of how God brought her to this position in life. And now, as only the Holy Spirit of God can do, these women are being interconnected with one another with their common need.

Again, prepare yourself. This is a powerfully moving testimony in pictures.

Video – Elijah Patrick Cropp


3 Responses to “God’s Comfort in the Midst of Sorrow”

  1. 1 crazyro
    April 11, 2008 at 3:06 pm

    As a photographer, I’ve had to deal with the question of whether I would be able to photograph such an event. I have had opportunities (or the possibility thereof) and have friends who have taken these on, but honestly, I’m not sure I could. The toll on my emotions would probably be so great that after such an event I would go home, ball up in a corner, and cry. Every time I watch a slideshow such as this, it leaves me in tears. Even though I know Jesus himself was holding Elijah in His arms through all of this, and even though I know He’s the one holding his parents in His arms, I can’t imagine the pain they are all going through.
    I do wonder, however, how people who do not know Jesus personally go through such an event…

  2. 2 Searching
    April 14, 2008 at 8:47 am

    You were right Ryan, this is very moving!
    This is truly one of those “crucible of pain” events that only God through Holy Spirit can walk through with us and give the comfort and strength one would need to survive without going insane. My only frame of reference is the unconditional love I have for my children and what I can only imagine it would be like to loose either of them. However, I don’t believe any imagination within me could come close to what this family has been through. I, too, cannot comprehend how anyone could survive a loss such as this without Holy Spirit and the knowledge of God’s provision for the child and for the family who must go on. Praise God for the provision he provides to children up to the age where they must choose for themselves. I pray that this family is surrounded with the people of God to show God’s love, grace and mercy while they grieve.

    Thanks Ryan!

    Soli Deo Gloria!!

  3. April 14, 2008 at 5:44 pm

    Crazyro, I had the same emotions watching the slideshow. I wondered how the parents were able to withstand the pain. You could see the heartache in their eyes, couldn’t you? I am so thankful someone had the foresight to capture this moment for the world to see. I would have never thought of taking such photos. This family obvious realized the value of posting this slideshow for the rest of us to see.

    Searching, you nailed it. It is only by God’s grace!

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