talking church

I’ve had the CHURCH on my mind recently. Part of that contemplation arises from Resurrection Sunday approaching this weekend.

Some thoughts I have considered include:

  • What is CHURCH?
  • How does the Bible define CHURCH?
  • What is your view of CHURCH?
  • Does the CHURCH exist for me or do I exist for the CHURCH?
  • Why have CHURCH?
  • Who runs the CHURCH?
  • Does CHURCH matter?

I have been asking myself these questions and so many others. So, if the Lord is willing, I plan to write a few blogs about CHURCH in the coming days.

To get us started, check out the five different groups of Americans identified by the Barna Institute:

  • The UNATTACHED (23 % of Americans) haven’t attended any church service in the past year. About one-third of this group never has attended a church in their lifetime. Ouch!
  • The INTERMITTENTS (15 % of Americans) have attended a church in the past year, but not in the past month. About two-thirds of this group has attended a church within the past six months.
  • The CONVENTIONALS (56 % of Americans) have attended a church in the past month.
  • The HOMEBODIES (3 % of Americans) attend only a house church.
  • The BLENDERS (3 % of Americans) attend both a conventional church and a house church.

How do the UNATTACHED think?

The Barna National Survey discovered they are:

  • More likely to feel stressed out.
  • Less likely to believe they are making a positive difference in the world.
  • Less optimistic about the future.
  • Fifty-nine percent consider themselves to be Christians!
  • Sixty-two percent say they pray during a typical week.

And what did the Survey conclude?

The Survey concluded:

“The best chance of getting the Unattached to a church is when someone they know and trust personally invites them, offers to accompany them, and they believe the service will address an issue or need they are struggling with at that moment.”

One word best describes this research me: WOW!


2 Responses to “talking church”

  1. 1 Searching
    March 18, 2008 at 11:22 am

    Isn’t one’s view of church indicative and reflective of one’s view of God? And how much of one’s view of God, right or wrong, is generated by thier experience with those who claim his son’s name…Christians? When people see in we Christians a love and a peace that they want, they are open to the invitation to church. The part I saw as critical was in that people are willing to accept an invitation from people they trust and respect. Or in another word, our witness. It occurs to this humble soul that our witness is more important than we imagine, especially when we think no one is watching. Do we live what we speak in our worst times? Are we real or Pharisetic? People, right or wrong, will evaluate the church we attend by our behavior and not the sign out front or the sermon being preached. How responsible are we as a people for the attitudes about the “Church” (with a big C)and the local church? This is something that speaks to me every day. Are we as Christians, and church members, real or pretentious, warm and friendly or cold and indifferent, forgiving or condeming, loving or mean spirited? I would love to hear, Pastor, not only what the church is supposed to be, but what it ACTUALLY is…and is CrossPoint truly all you say it is…

  2. March 19, 2008 at 3:08 pm

    Searching, I believe you have made some great observations. Yes, someone’s view of God affects every area of their life, even their view of church. Also, I agree we must be authentic in our witness or no one will listen to us. That is why so many people were curious about Jesus during His earthly ministry. He was real.

    As for CrossPoint being truly that I say that it is…I guess that is in the eye of the beholder. I can tell you this, I have pastored four congregations and I have been a member of several others. CrossPoint is the sweetest fellowship of them all. Do we have our flaws and foibles? Yes, just look at CrossPoint’s pastor.

    What is more important than my view of CrossPoint would be the community’s opinion of us. If you live in the area I would be thankful for you to be our guest in worship.


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