Daddy/Daughter Date Night

Several weeks ago Beth Howe, CrossPoint’s Children’s Minister, along Cathy Owen, CrossPoint’s Per-School Minister asked if I would extend the welcome and lead in the blessing during the Daddy/Daughter Date Night on February 18.  Of course, I said yes and welcomed the opportunity to hold that date on my calendar.

When the day arrived, I called my baby-girl, Kelsey, and asked if she had plans for the evening.  Thankfully her schedule was free.  When she asked why, I told her I wanted her to accompany me to CrossPoint’s Daddy/Daughter Date Night.

Kelsey and I attended the first DDDN when we were still at FBC Center Point.  Actually, it was her first and last DDDN, because she was in the fifth grade that year.  That seems like so many years ago, and it was.  She and I had a ball that night.  We had our picture made, we ate a great meal and we danced the night away.

This year’s Daddy/Daughter Date Night was super special for me in many respects.  It gave me time with some special ladies in our family of faith, along with their fathers.  More importantly, it gave me time with my baby girl.  And we had the best time.

I asked Kelsey to let me know when she was ready to leave.  I love her response.  She said, “After we dance a little, and then eat an ice cream sundae.”  That’s my girl.

Below are a few of the special memories from the evening.  The DDDN theme was a 50s Sock Hop.  As you can see from the photos, Kelsey and I did not get memo on the dress for the evening, yet we still had fun.

Dads with their daughters

If you are the father or grandfather of a girl from K5 through the fifth grade, then you must by all possible means, participate in next year’s Daddy/Daughter Date Night.  You will enjoy a great meal.  The music will be over the top.  The night will be memorable.  Above all that, your daughter will thank you for taking her on such a great date.

Once again, this is why CrossPoint exists.


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