A Different Take to JUST ONE MORE!

 A CrossPointer sent me the following quote.  Read closely.  It is a different take on JUST ONE MORE.

Just one more block…

…just up to the light…

…just one more street sign…

…just one more hill…one more hill…

…just to the end of the street…

…just one more mailbox…

…just up to that tree…

…just one more step…

…just one more block… just one more… 


For those of you who run (or at least do what I do, jog) you understand full well the meaning of each phrase, especially the second to last one, “just one more”.  For those of you who do not run, what are you waiting on?

Speaking of running, I hear The Point is crowding up every week with exercisers.  Brian Harris says the hours between 4:30 & 7:30 PM are extremely busy.  Bethany Greene reported last week in WOW that 5:30 AM is a great time to exercise.  She says there is plenty of room for more people to join her.  Go, Bethany, go.  Keep me posted how that hour works.  As for me, I try to hit the exercise room any time between 6:30 and 7:30 AM.

While I am on the subject, I have started a new Sunday morning routine.  I always arise early on Sundays, usually to head to my study to read, pray and prepare.  I still do the same routine on Sunday mornings with the addition of one different caveat.  Now instead of rushing to my study, I rush to The Point’s exercise room.  The last couple of weeks I squeeze in a five-miler while I pray, read and prepare.

I don’t know if have noticed the difference, but I sure can tell a difference.  I am much more energized.  I never knew breaking a sweat on a Sunday morning would make such a difference.  How long I continue this custom is up for grabs.  As for now, I like the result. 


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