Another Big Day at CrossPoint

Oh, what a day!I know I have written about this before, yet the Sundays at CrossPoint are increasingly better and better each weekend.

I emailed Bryan Haskins this morning to tell him that worship was over the top. He did a great job selecting the music, preparing the choir and leading the congregation. I loved “All About Your Glory”. I hear us singing that glorious song a few more times this year, don’t you?

It was fun introducing the many new members, and asking them to stand across the front of the room. For those of you who were there, what did you think about the new tradition we started in the third worship celebration? At the coffee bar I had potential new member ask me when the next membership class would be available so they could join. Now that is good stuff.

Speaking of the coffee bar—watch out Starbucks! I really like all the space we have to mix and mingle. I also like the changes we made to the front entrance. We have more space for traffic flow now. Plus, I think the new coffee bar area will be a better place for me to meet and greet guests.

Our open house was a great add on to the day. I was surprised with the number of people who attended. It was good to see so many Center Pointers come to take a tour. We were equally surprised to meet a number of guests who came in response to the advertisements we placed in the area newspapers. CBS 42 surprised us as well by recording a segment for the Sunday evening news. Did any of you see the segment during the 5:30 PM broadcast?

Next weekend we turn our attention to the final message of our introductory series on God’s Glory. The message title is “Do All to the Glory of God” from 1 Corinthians 10:31. We will also participate in the Lord’s Supper at the conclusion of each worship celebration. I want God’s glory to consume us. If the remaining 49 Sundays are like the first three Sundays of the year, I think God’s glory will fill us.

That’s enough about Sunday. It is my desire to return to a daily routine of writing blogs this week. I plan to do that as soon as I turn the corner on my jet lag. Now there’s a blog—overcoming jet lag. Whew! I’m tired. Is it time for bed? It sure feels like it.


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