We are on Our Way to Asia

By the time you read this, my family will be on our way to Hong Kong. It is my desire to post several blogs, and try to post a few videos while we are away. So, check back each day to see what we are doing.

I am posting our itinerary for those of you who would like to pray for us.

December 27 Atlanta

December 28 Atlanta to Chicago
Chicago to Tokyo Narita, Japan
Tokyo Narita, Japan to Hong Kong

December 29-31 Hong Kong

January 1-5 Beijing, China

January 6 –10 Hong Kong

January 11 Hong Kong to Los Angeles
Los Angeles to Washington, DC (Dulles)
Washington, DC (Dulles) to Atlanta

January 12 Return to Birmingham

If you are wondering how you can pray for us, I will list a few specific needs:
  • Pray for our safety
  • Pray for good health
  • Pray for specifically for Vonda on our 16 hour flight to and from Tokyo. (She does not do well on airplanes)
  • Please pray for my son, Taylor. He has been invited to preach in a small chapel service of Filipina maids on one side of the island our first Sunday there. His mother and sister plan to worship with him. (I guess they have heard me preach enough through the years.)
  • Pray for me as I preach at Hong Kong International Baptist Church on December 30 and January 6
  • Pray for doors of opportunity to open for us as we are given opportunities to share the gospel
  • Pray for our physical stamina since our schedule will be full of non-stop activity
  • Pray for anything else the Holy Spirit leads you to pray
  • Pray for Steve Holloman, Harry Lucenay and Tim Tidwell, who will be preaching in my absence at CrossPoint

To the CrossPoint family of faith, I want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to experience this kind of venture with my family. You know me; I will have plenty of stories to share upon my return.


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