The Painful Reality of Death

My dear cousin, Danny, called me this morning. His heart is so full of grief. You could hear the deep sorrow in his voice.

Danny and I spent several minutes on the phone talking about his son’s funeral and graveside service. Danny was calling to ask permission to read part of yesterday’s blog in the service. Of course I said yes. My prayer is that anything and everything that is read or said in Timmy’s funeral service would be used for God’s glory as well as for the salvation for all those who need to repent.

I could tell from his weary voice that Danny was exhausted. I am not sure Danny has had too many hours of sleep or rest since receiving that fateful phone call Saturday evening. And, I am sure he will not get much rest in the days to come.

When I asked Danny how he was holding up he said, “It feels Christ is breathing for me.” Wow, what a powerful image—Christ breathes for you!

In many respects, I think that is exactly what Christ wants to do for us. Christ wants to breathe for us. Christ also wants to think for us, love through us, serve through us, provide for us, and meet all of our needs for us.

While talking to Danny I kept running Philippians 4:19 through my mind. Paul writes,

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory
in Christ Jesus.

It is “according to the riches in glory in Christ Jesus” that all of our needs are met. Christ Jesus wants to and is completely able to meet all of our needs. Before hanging up the phone, Danny and I spent time praying together over the phone.

After talking to Danny I called on Christ to meet my needs. I, too, am weary today. The news of Timmy’s death has also saddened my heart. I can only imagine the despair his parents feel today.

The painful reality of death reaches deep into one’s soul. And, it is in times like these the only relief we can ever received will be found in calling on Christ to meet all of our needs according to His glorious riches.


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