International Mission Board Report of the Southern Baptist Convention

Many of you know Gene and Margorie Dykes. For those of you who do not know them, Gene and Margorie have been on this journey with some of us now since the conception of CrossPoint. Both of them have labored sacrificially to see CrossPoint become a reality. They were the couple who extended the welcome during the ONE BIG WORSHIP.

For several years Gene served on the Board of the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. It is through Gene’s tenure I befriended Dr. Jerry Rankin, Executive Director of the IMB. And, it is through Gene Dykes I have learned to appreciate the worldwide mission efforts of the Southern Baptist Convention.

On Monday Margorie gave me a letter Gene received from Dr. Rankin. The letter was sent to all the former trustees of the IMB. Provided below are a few highlights from that letter:

  • During the Illinois Baptist State Convention, the IMB appointed 82 new missionaries.
  • One hundred people groups were newly engaged during 2006, with 83 of those classified as unreached groups.
  • New churches started totaled 25,497, for a total of 157,890 churches related to IMB work at the end of 2006.
  • Baptisms totaled 609,968—far more than any previous year.
  • More than 220,000 people were involved in leadership training around the world.
  • The adoption of the 2008 budget of $304,800,000 reflects continuing support by Southern Baptists of the work of the IMB.
  • That budget includes this December’s goal for a Lottie Moon Christmas Offering (AKA, World Mission Offering at CrossPoint) of $165,000,000.

Southern Baptists continue to remain on the cutting edge of missions throughout the world. CrossPoint is an active participant in that cutting edge mission endeavor through its World Missions Offering. This year’s goal for CrossPoint is $75,000. Next weekend we expect the Lord to exceed that goal through us as each of us give. I trust you are preparing to give and give generously to the worldwide mission offering of CrossPoint. I give generously the World Missions Offering because I know each dollar goes directly to missions.


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