Let’s Talk about Our Future

I had several conversations last Sunday at the conclusion of the ONE BIG WORSHIP that made the entire day worth all the effort and expense.

I met one couple that arrived at 10:45, expecting to participate in our third worship. So, they came in a little late. However, the husband said something I really liked. He said, “We heard enough to know we want to come back to this church again next weekend.”

That’s a good word, isn’t it?

I like what someone told me one of our senior adults said. When asked about all the things that had happened in the past to get us to this point, the woman responded, “There is no need to talk about where we have been; let’s talk about where we are going.” Amen! Let’s not talk about our past. Let’s talk about our future.

My dad said his favorite part of the ONE BIG WORSHIP was when I asked all those who were present the day we opened CrossPoint in 2003 and then when I asked the others who had come since then to stand. He said that was the highlight of worship. I would almost agree, although I think Latoya Cathey’s solo was over the top.

For those of you who did not respond yesterday, take a moment to respond today. I want to hear what you thought of the day.


1 Response to “Let’s Talk about Our Future”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    November 21, 2007 at 7:53 am


    And, I was not even present at the service. I live out of state but have family that are members of CrossPoint. They have been so excited about all that God is doing there that they have shared it and I have been inspired! Inspired to praise God, inspired to thank God, inspired to ask for his continue blessing on you and inspired to continue my own journey to reach one more for Christ. Patti Hoxsie

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