CrossPoint’s Missionaries

I received the following email update from one of my favorite people, Kristen Seay. CrossPointers should recognize her name as one of the missionaries the Lord has called out from our family of faith.

I thought you would be inspired by her email. Kristen is an amazing young woman.

Dear family and friends,

Finally! I am in Peru and able to send you all an update. First, I want to give you all an update as to why it has been so long since I have written. My original departure date as most of you know was August 23rd. However, the Lord had different plans. I became sick with some type of unknown stomach sickness the day before I was supposed to leave which kept me in the States for an extra two weeks. It was a difficult time for me because I felt so sick, but it was even more difficult knowing that I was “supposed” to be in South America. However, the Lord was simply trying to teach me that His plansand timing for me are perfect and that I was not supposed to be in Peru yet. He used that time to teach me some very important things about Himself that I needed to know before coming to Peru. So, I was initially frustrated with the situation, but I know now that it was all for His perfect purpose and for His glory. Praise be to Him for having control of my life!

After those two weeks in the States, I left for South America on September 6th. The Lord provided the opportunity for me to fly into Ecuador and then travel from there to Peru. This opportunity allowed me to spend some time with the Ecuador family that I lived with for a few months last year. This time with this family was so special because of the work the Lord has done in their family over the past year. When I arrived in Ecuador the first time a year ago, the family did not believe in the Lord. After 3 months of sharing the Gospel with them, daily Bible studies and sharing the love of Christ with them, the entire family accepted Christ the week before I left their home last year. So this visit was a time of rejoicing because it was the first time I could be with them as a Christian family. The Lord has definitely changed their lives as individuals and their lives as a family. Please pray for continual growth in their lives as believers in the Lord.

I then arrived here in Lima on September 11th. The Lord has been so good and faithful during my time here so far. He has developed an incredible spirit of unity among my team members which has been a HUGE answer to prayer. But please continue to pray for a stronger sense of unity among our team that we may be even more effective for the Lord. Also, please be praying for the people of Peru. The Lord has used me to share the Gospel with several people so far, and it is so interesting to me to see just how thirsty and desperate the people are for His truth and salvation.

I am leaving Lima today for my first research trip. I am on a traveling team with two other people (Brad Borggren and Lane Brown), and we will be going on a 10 day journey to research three unreached villages. Our main purpose is to research the logistics of these areas (population, food, lodging, fuel, etc.) in order to have accurate information for future stateside churches that would be interested in adopting these people groups. Please pray that we would be able to establish relationships with some of the people in order to start a connection with these areas. The three villages are Chavin, San Juan de Yanac and San Pedro de Huacarpana, and the population of these areas combined is approximately 300 people. Please be praying for the people of these three villages, and that the Lord would give our team opportunities to establish relationships and share His Gospel.

I know the Lord is using your prayers to keep me strong in my weakness. Please continue to pray that above all the Lord would receive glory from my life and work for Him. I will be emailing again when I return from our research trip to update the Lord’s work there. Thank you all so much for your prayers.

Because of HIM,

Kristen Seay

Please keep Kristen near the top of your daily prayer list. I know her parents Chris and Joellen Seay would welcome your prayers as well. If you would like to be added to her email list you may contact Kristen at kristenmseay@gmail.com.

Speaking of CrossPoint missionaries, we have another missionary about to leave CrossPoint and head to the same part of the world. Sandy Stone and her husband Alan will be heading to Richmond, Virginia, in October for their mission training. Then, early in January 2008 they leave for Peru. We plan to commission Sandy and Alan on Sunday, October 7.

It’s exciting to watch the Lord call and appoint missionaries from our family of faith. I am praying today for JUST ONE MORE to be called to the ends of the earth to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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