Most Blessed

I do not know if you realize what is going on at CrossPoint, but God is moving and He is moving in a mighty way. There are countless items I could refer to that would help you see the mighty hand of God. Allow me to point out a few.

  • This weekend we are presently scheduled to baptize 30+ students and children in the third worship hour. Needless to say, the third worship will be rockin’!
  • In addition to baptizing so many people, our student ministry will present a human video in all three worship celebrations next Sunday. My son wanted me to watch the human video two weeks ago in Sublime and immediately after seeing it I asked Jason Motte if his team would present it in worship. GET READY. THE STUDENTS ARE GOING TO SHAKE YOU UP!
  • Our Children’s Ministry is bursting at the seams as well. Beth Howe informed us in staff meeting this week (yes, can you believe the woman was already back in staff meeting after giving birth to her baby three weeks ago!) that our WWAM (Children’s Worship—Worship With A Mission) at 8:15 AM has nearly doubled in size the last few weeks.
  • Bryan Haskins tells me the next time the choir sings, which is October 14, that he will have 48 or more strong voices lifting praise to the Lord. He also told me, “CrossPoint better get ready. It’s going to be our best worship yet!” I can’t wait to see what that looks like.
  • In staff meeting Tuesday morning Steve Parr made 51 outreach assignments from our weekly guest list. It is my responsibility to contact each of the FIRST-TIME guests. Thus, I was responsible for 17 contacts this week. Make note—that is 17 FIRST-TIME guests!
  • Speaking of 17 first-time guests on my outreach list, more than half of those families expressed a favorable response to CrossPoint, saying they will be returning again this next weekend. Several of them asked me questions about how to CONNECT with a small group Bible study.
  • On Sunday, September 30 we kick off PROJECT ONE—ONE mission, ONE fellowship, ONE commitment with the observance of the Lord’s Supper. For those of you who do not know what PROJECT ONE is you will soon find out when you attend your Bible study fellowship. It is my desire to attend every Bible study fellowship. During the fellowship I want to share with each CrossPointer the extended vision the Lord has given me in what I believe is the next step in fulfilling our vision to reach JUST ONE MORE.
  • As if that were not enough, I hear we will be opening our new building sometime very, very soon. I estimate that 90% of CrossPoint has no idea the impact this building will make in the fulfillment of our vision. I took a walk through the building on Wednesday. IT IS AWESOME! As I have said before. This building will change CrossPoint—for the good.

There is so much more I want to share with you. I am saving some of the choicest stories and news for the PROJECT ONE fellowships. I look forward to spending that time with you.

If this list should cause you to do anything, I think it would trigger two responses. First, it should cause you to give a mighty shout of praise to God. Second, it should cause you to drop to your knees in gratitude.

CrossPoint, we are among many churches, most blessed!


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