I’ve Been Sublimed!!

My Wednesday night schedule is busy from the time we start serving supper until the time I head home, which is usually around 10:00 PM. If you have not been to CrossPoint for Wednesday night lately, I encourage you to show up next week. What you will find may surprise you. Wednesday nights at CrossPoint are almost as big as Sunday mornings.

The Wednesday night fellowship meal is over-the-top. Of course, CrossPoint University is offering a great line-up of classes and courses devoted toward helping each CrossPointer become a more fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ for His glory. Yet the biggest movement on Wednesday night is in our Student Ministry mid-week worship called Sublime.

Sublime has grown so rapidly that we had to move it to the worship center in order to accommodate the crowd. That meant we had to move our worship ministry’s rehearsals to another part of the building. Yet I have heard no one complain, because whining, carping, moaning and groaning is not in our DNA, especially when it comes to reaching JUST ONE MORE student for Christ.

Last night, my scheduled allowed me to drop in on Sublime in order to catch a few minutes of worship. I do not know the total number of students present, but from where I was standing it was easily 500 or more. Also, when I exited the building, CrossPoint’s parking lot, drive-thru and main entrance was crammed full of parents and automobiles waiting to pick up their kids. It was an awesome sight, indeed. Although the sheer numbers impressed me, it was the worship that impressed me more. To put it bluntly, I was SUBLIMED!

If you are a parent of a student, I beg you to get your kid to Sublime next week. If your student is already in Sublime, then I encourage you to drop in on the worship, if you have not already. I encourage anyone else interested in seeing a God-thing on this scale to drop in there next week as well.

Sublime is a movement of God. Our students are hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The message is straight from God’s Word. The worship is…well, how can I say this gently…it is what the students respond to best. Most importantly, the results are eternal.

Jesus said this would happen if we lifted Him up. I say to our students, “Keep lifting Him up!”

If you have not been SUBLIMED, then I encourage you to try it next week.


1 Response to “I’ve Been Sublimed!!”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    September 15, 2007 at 10:49 pm

    Ryan- I had not visited Student worship since Jason Motte joinedour staff, but since I have a 5th grader with some friends in 6th grade, I wanted to check out exactly what it was that Jason is up to. Much to my delight, what I saw was not Jason Motte, Vaughn Harris or any other individual in the sea of volunteers… I saw the Holy Spirit. I saw 12th graders praying for and mentoring middle schoolers. I saw middle schoolers praying for each other and talking about what God had done for them in the last week… and that was just while I was waiting to get inside.

    I am so excited that my daughter will be joining this revival– this outpouring of love and Spirit! I am so exicted that we have a Student Minister who hears and obeys the Voice of God!

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