True Treasures

In my message Sunday morning we defined a “treasure” as anything that means everything to you. Thus, a treasure could be a collection of albums, a house, your income, a relationship, an automobile, a memory, a vacation, and so on.

Today I want you to continue to wrestle with what you treasure. In doing so, I want you to consider, once again, the five questions I posed toward the end of my message.

Ask yourself these questions, and I think you will know what you treasure most:

  1. What occupies your thoughts when we have nothing else to do?
  2. What is that you fret most?
  3. Apart from your family and loved ones, what or whom do you dread most losing?
  4. What are the things that you measure others by?
  5. What is that you know you cannot be happy without?

When you finally get a grip on what really matters in life, you soon learn that the things on earth that matter most are not things.


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