CrossPointers Getting in Shape!

While on vacation I heard through my grapevine that members of Nathan Poe‘s Bible Study class—Real Life, Real Marriage—were planning to compete in the Trak Shak Retro 5K Run on Saturday, July 28. My sources also informed me the competitors wanted me to run in the race with them. Since I always look for an opportunity to run with people I love, I told them I would be there.

Ten CrossPointers competed in the race last Saturday evening. This is what we looked like before the gun sounded.

(Pictured left to right are: Shane St. John, Eric Hays, Lee Hooie, Les Smith, John Wiles, Nathan Poe, Ryan Whitley, Jessica Welch, Christy Harper, Brian Updike).

I am so proud of this group. I am particularly proud of Nathan Poe, the class leader. As of this week Nathan has lost 87 pounds in one year. He is 13 pounds away from his goal of 100! Can you believe that?

How did Nathan do it? He says it is a matter of eating the right foods, exercising and deciding in advance you are going to get in shape. That sounds like a good plan to me. I have asked Nathan to share his story with us after he reaches his goal.

Nathan’s group has a class goal that I really like. Real Life, Real Marriage wants to run one 5K a month for the remainder of the year. I like that goal. I also like it that other CrossPointers are beginning to catch the vision that physical training is of some value.

I have blogged about running numerous times. Many of you know my passion for running.

I am not a fast runner. For those of you who have run with me, you will readily testify that I run more like a rhinoceros than a gazelle. Yet I plod away, and each step I take is another step toward being in peak physical condition. I will never compete for the winner’s trophy in any race. However, I do not race against others. I always compete against myself.

For instance, this morning I competed against myself by running 5 miles with negative splits. Negative splits are when you run each succeeding mile faster than the previous one. Today I set out to run each mile 15 seconds faster than the last. When I hit mile five this morning, I beat my expected time by 6 seconds. Thus, I won!

I look at running two ways.

First, I see running as a MEANS TO AN END. The end for me is to stay in shape and physically fit. I like the result of running. I sleep better. I feel better. I have more energy. I am more effective when I am in shape because I feel like I am in a healthier position for the Lord to use me whenever, wherever or however He desires.

I also see running as AN END TO A MEANS. The process of running is just as good as the result of running. Many mornings I begin with the same mantra: Enjoy thyself! I enjoy running in the early morning hours. I get pleasure from being outside. Just the other day I decided to count the number of squirrels I encountered along the way. (By the way, Trussville may be on the brink of a squirrel pandemic. I counted 27 squirrels in less than an hour!).

In just a few months CrossPoint will host her sixth annual 5K and 1 mile Fun Run. Last year we had a breakout crowd participate. Additionally, through that run we raised enough money for the CrossPoint Foundation to donate a refrigerated truck to a homeless feeding ministry in the inner city of Birmingham. This year we expect another better-than-ever crowd as well as a record-setting money raising effort for our foundation.

On Saturday, October 27, I want to see YOU competing. I do not want you to compete against each other (unless you are one of the more competitive runners I know of) but against yourself for a new personal best. Who knows, one of you may be the next Nathan Poe and let this challenge make a dramatic difference in your life with regard to weight loss and better physical fitness.

We are thirteen weeks away from race day. Right now is the best time to start training. Watch in the weeks to come for a Walker’s Training Guide and a Runner’s Training Guide to this year’s event. We will post both on the home webpage, in my blog and in the worship guide.

In closing, here is a photo of the CrossPoint running team after the race. If you ask me, I think we all look rather refreshed considering how hot it was in Homewood last Saturday evening.


1 Response to “CrossPointers Getting in Shape!”

  1. July 20, 2012 at 7:26 am

    This race is coming up again this weekend… I signed up my entire family (kids doing the 1/2 mile. Can’t wait!


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