posted by Mandi Logan, Ed.S., NBCT, guest writer for www.justonemore.info
This will be a new word to most of you, but if you spend much time with the infamous Stone Logan, you would know the meaning. Stone has a way of making up these random words and if not spoken in context would truly be just words. However, he speaks them in context and then we begin to figure out just what he is talking about. His kindergarten teacher is going to have a great time with this knack. So, my son speaks of invertical’s often. For instance, he wants to own one when he is sixteen. He also wants to drive near the beach in one so the wind will blow his hair. By now, I think you know that he means convertible. No matter how much I correct him though, it is always invertical.
So why in the world would I share that? Well, just this morning as I was getting ready for work, he unloaded this revelation on me.

Stone: Hey momma
Momma: yes
Stone: Do you think Power Rangers are like inverticals?
Momma: Well, they aren’t cars but they sure do move fast (facetiously)
Stone: No, momma- you know how they are regular people but then they invertical into another person?
Momma: Oh- yes that is very true. Is it then true that Superman is invertical?
Stone: Momma- that’s great- Superman’s an invertical!!! (goes to find his superman toy)
Momma: Think about all those figures you play with and put them in invertical and non- invertical piles (the teacher in me is ever present, but not a very fun activity at 6:00am)
Stone: Nah, I think I’ll play with them instead.

Stone did not realize what that conversation would lead me to discover.As I was finishing up and taking a moment with the Lord before heading out, I realized that we are all somewhat invertical. Yesterday, Mr. Hallaman (Holloman?? sorry) spoke of his invertical life. It was a profound testimony of how he led dual lives and when it was convenient, he could invertical into either of his lifestyles. He also spoke wonderfully about how he overcame this and was born again! I don’t know about you but I want my life to be vertical in every sense of that word. I want to live so vertically that there is no question about where I’m going! You can bury me horizontally but my soul is on the fastest vertical track to Heaven! My prayer for you today is that your invertical days come to an end and you live as vertical as you can for the Lord! After all, he died vertically for us, rose vertically and sits vertically waiting for us to join Him.

1 Response to “Invertical”

  1. 1 mrscaldwell0
    July 7, 2007 at 10:05 pm

    What a great thought, Mandi. I think that many things get in our way and make us give way to invertical thinking! Thanks for this fresh new vocabulary word.

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