God Takes Away Our Sins

Okay, this story is going to bless you. A CrossPoint school teacher sent this to me last week.

I had a funny I thought I’d share. I have a little girl in my class who “preaches” everyday. Like when we talked about Easter, she presented the gospel & told all my kids they needed to ask Jesus into their heart before they go to hell. She’s quite the evangelist! Anyway, I guess I was the devil today because if anyone knows anything about this time of year…they know kids are CRAZY & need spring break. Well she’s been a wild child & had to move her discipline clothespin today & I really try not to go back on my word because then they eat you alive. Well…now I feel like a big jerk….first of all because she has cried her eyes out & mainly because she then went to the carpet & prayed for God to take her sins away & please help her never to do that sin again. Then she came & told me it was all ok because God was not sad with her anymore & that’s all that mattered. Well I was speechless because there’s not much you can say to that. She is now going around the room & teaching the kids how to pray & ask God to take their sins away. I’m loving it!

Don’t you wish we all got that upset about our sin everyday!

Amen, and amen!


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