For the People We Have Not Met

I know this may sound a bit cliché (and that statement alone is in and of itself cliché), but there are not enough words in my limited vocabulary to describe the “new building” we have going up on the eastern side of our complex. I call it the “new building” because we have not yet named it. Neither have we named the “other new building” we entered on February 18.

To say I am awestruck by its size would be an understatement. To say I am impressed with its potential would be pointless. To be brief, the “new building” is more than we could have ever imagined.

I walked through the building this afternoon before heading home from work. As I walked through the complex I tried to determine where certain items would be and how each room would be laid out. The first floor is super large, and I am confident we will have more than enough room for JUST ONE MORE in that area. I am told we will have two regulation length (94 feet) basketball courts connected end to end on the second floor. It looks like to me three regulation courts could fit in that space. In that area I see children playing basketball, fathers in a pick up game of three-on-three, and mothers working out in some type of exercise class. As I looked upward beyond the steel spires that are already in place, I imagine myself and others exercising on the nine-lap track that will circumnavigate the building.

The “new building” will change the look of our church. It will not only change our look cosmetically, but it will also change our look genetically. When we open that grand facility CrossPoint will never be the same; and that is a good thing. The “new building” will also change the look of our community. I am convinced there is no other building this size, scope and potential within 20 or 30 miles of CrossPoint. The next closest building of this nature is Dawson’s new Family Recreation Center in Homewood.

I saw something else while walking through the construction zone. I pictured the countless number of nameless, faceless people we have yet to meet and introduce to Christ. You do know that is why we are constructing this part of Phase II. We are not building this building for ourselves. That would be too selfish. We are building this building for the people we have not yet met. In the same way we built Phase I for the many people who now call themselves CrossPointers, we are building Phase II for the many others who will join us along the way.

CrossPoint we have it good; really good. God desires to a good work through us. And here is the great lesson about God’s good work in us—whatever He starts He will finish. Our task is to remain faithful to Him and to His Gospel message.


3 Responses to “For the People We Have Not Met”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    March 9, 2007 at 9:16 pm

    What do ya think about naming the buildings after the cities and or towns just beside the campus, such as the building we just moved into, name it Argo, and the unfinished one Springville or Trussville,Clay you get the idea. we name the building for the people we are offering the gopel to everyday through Crosspointers spreading the word and the statement it makes on the side of the hill that everyone notices as they pass on I59. just a thought.

    thanks for reading
    Les Smith

  2. 2 Pam
    March 10, 2007 at 8:29 pm

    I am excited about what God is doing at CrossPoint and that he is allowing me to be a part of it! My first time to take part in LC was this past Sunday, and something that Ryan said has stuck w/ me. Where will this church be when I am gone? What are we leaving for the next generation? Not just the buildings or the # of people, but what God can do with the people that occupy those buildings. My children are 4yrs & 17 mos old. Crosspoint is helping to lay a foundation in their lives that hopefully will reach beyond Just One More for their generation, not to mention those of my generation that are being reached now!

  3. 3 Pastor Ryan
    March 14, 2007 at 9:04 am

    Les, that is a great idea. Thanks for the thoughts.

    Psm, I agree. These are exciting days at CrossPoint. I am super glad you are a part of it.

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