When I open my Windows Internet Explorer a small icon pops up on my screen that spins in a clockwise manner. Beside the icon is the word “connecting”. Combined the icon and word tell me my computer is “connecting” to the World Wide Web. Within milliseconds the icon disappears as my homepage is displayed.

Each time I click my Internet Explorer button I am reminded what we are doing this year at CrossPoint—we are connecting.

The vision of CrossPoint is the most cogent vision I have ever read. It does not get much simpler than JUST ONE MORE. Our vision is so pristine we can illustrate it without saying a word. Can you think of a more lucid vision statement? I cannot.

Now that we have established the vision, it is time we establish the process by which we fulfill our vision. In case you have not seen it yet, the process by which CrossPoint reaches JUST ONE MORE to become a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ is a three step process:

First, we want JUST ONE MORE to connect with God through worship.

Next, we want JUST ONE MORE to connect with God in a Bible study group.

And finally, we want JUST ONE MORE to connect with God through identifying their ministry in the church and their mission in the world.

I was visiting with a new CrossPointer Monday night at a church league basketball game. She informed me that she and her husband joined CrossPoint for two reasons. One, they found a Bible study class they absolutely love. Then she added, “Wearing name tags make it so much easier to know every one in the class.” Then she said their second reason for joining was to so they could get involved in a particular area ministry.

I was impressed with her clarity. She had already figured out the CrossPoint process. The CrossPoint process is sequential. First, we connect with God. Then, we connect with God’s people. Next, we connect with God’s plan.

Yet that is not the final product. Like the spinning icon on my Windows Internet Explorer, we must keep moving in the process. After we reach the three connection points, we must reach out to JUST ONE MORE to help them make connect.

Have you connected yet? I am curious to hear where you think you are in the CrossPoint process. Give me your feedback.


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