Lyric James Haskins: The Story Behind His Name

On November 1, 2006, Lyric James Haskins was born into our world. As many of you know, he arrived in rather dramatic fashion. For those of who do not know, allow me to explain part of his dramatic birth account.
Bryan Haskins was called to CrossPoint as our Worship Leader in June of last year. The same week we called Bryan, he and Charma discovered they were pregnant with their first child. June of 2006 will always be a memorable month for them as well as for CrossPoint.
Charma made it through the summer months of her pregnancy without any complications. Then, sometime in September – only 20 weeks into gestation – Charma went into labor. Charma’s OB GYN put her on 100% bed rest. A few days after going on bed rest, Charma had more complications. As a result, the doctors were forced to check Charma into the hospital for the remainder of her pregnancy.

I rushed to the hospital the day of this major crisis. I was in the hospital room when the OB GYN tried to gently, but matter-of-factly, let Bryan and Charma know that if the baby came anytime the next three or four weeks, there was virtually nothing she could do to save him.

Imagine the heartache Bryan and Charma were feeling when they heard that news. I was standing in the room with them, and my heart sank to my feet. While the doctor was explaining more bad news, I started praying. I asked the Lord to give me some Scripture to share. Before the doctor exited the room I had my Scripture. It was a passage I had been studying for several weeks as I was preparing for my series from the book of James.

The doctor left the room. Bryan and Charma were wiping away the tears. I think Lynn and Ginger Hayes were there in the room with me. If memory serves me correctly, my mother was there also. With the courage only the Lord can give, they looked to me for guidance and prayer. Before praying I reminded them of this singular promise:

Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.
James 1:12

Then we proceeded to pray. We know the Lord heard our prayer, for 10 weeks later Lyric James Haskins entered this world. Yes, he was a bit premature, but the doctors were confident he would make it.

The night of his birth Vonda and I rushed to Brookwood Hospital to meet the little fellow for the first time, and to congratulate mom and dad. It was that night at the hospital I learned the story behind his name.

The name Lyric was suggested by a band member Bryan has played with through the years. As soon as he heard Bryan and Charma were pregnant he said, “Bryan, since music is so much a part of your life, you should name your child Lyric.” Bryan tells me that Charma loved the idea of the name. So they decided very quickly his first name would be Lyric.

With his first name determined, what would they give him as a middle name?

Of course, I was pushing for Ryan. If truth be told I had a name early in the process that I thought would suit the young baby very well – Ryan Bryan. Then, as he grew older we could call him R.B. R.B. Haskins has a good ring to it, especially over a loud speaker system in some type of athletic competition. I suggested if they called him Ryan Bryan he could tell all his buds he was named after his pastor and his father, both ministers of the Gospel. For some reason, even after all my arm twisting, the name never stuck. Actually, it never gained any momentum. That’s okay I still have two or three namesakes running around CrossPoint. Let’s see there are Ryan Faith, Jonathan Ryan, and Ryan Taylor. And let’s not forget Christopher Ryan in Columbus, Georgia…okay, I will get off that kick.

Now back to his middle name.

The way Bryan tells me they determine to give him the middle name James has to do with the day they admitted Charma to the hospital. He said, “Soon after the doctor left the room, you quoted from James 1:12 about ‘Blessed is the man who perseveres’. When Charma and I thought of that moment, we decided he must carry the name James. We thought James would suit him well since so early in his life he learned how to persevere.”

I was reminded of this story the other night when I walked by my refrigerator, glancing once again at Lyric’s birth announcement. The top of the card reads, “Lyric James Haskins, November 1, 2006.” In the center of the card is a precious photo of him lying in his father’s hand. And inscribed at the bottom of the card is the James 1:12 passage.

And now you know the story behind his name.

Lyric James Haskins, like all the other CrossPoint babies, carries a name with meaning and purpose. Knowing all the talent Bryan and Charma possess, there is a real good possibility Lyric will be just as talented. And with the name James, we know he will persevere. He already has.

I rejoice in the arrival of Lyric James Haskins. His mother and father tell me the doctors want to keep him at home for a few more weeks. Hopefully his first Sunday at CrossPoint will be February 4, when we have a large family dedication celebration.


1 Response to “Lyric James Haskins: The Story Behind His Name”

  1. 1 mandi
    January 17, 2007 at 6:31 pm

    What a precious story! I am so excited that we will be able to watch Lyric grow to do mighty things for God! He is such a blessing.

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