Welcome to Lowes…and CrossPoint!

I called one of our recent guests the other night. The purpose of my call was to introduce myself and then to discover how they found our family of faith.

When I inquired as to how they discovered CrossPoint the guest responded, “We were invited to your church at Lowes.” Now she has my attention. “Lowes is advertising for CrossPoint?” I asked. “Tell me more!”

The she added, “Yes, my husband and I were standing in line at Lowes when a man in the line started talking to us and others about his church. As the conversation continued he told us about CrossPoint and where it was located. My husband and I decided we would visit your church the very next Sunday and we are glad we did. We loved it and we will be back next weekend.”

Our guest did not know the name of the man who invited her. Neither could she remember much of what he looked like. But she did remember the man being super excited about his church, and that prompted her and her husband to worship with us last weekend.

The genius of fulfilling the vision of JUST ONE MORE is that anyone can do it. You do not need a degree from seminary. Neither do you need training in a specialized class. All you need is a willingness to talk to someone in order to invite them to CrossPoint.

If we can learn anything from our Lowes guest it would be this: if you invite them they will come.


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