A Concrete Truck & Just One More

The vision of CrossPoint is JUST ONE MORE. To be more specific, CrossPoint exists to reach JUST ONE MORE to become a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ.

The vision of CrossPoint becomes more of a reality when each CrossPointer accepts the divine responsibility to introduce JUST ONE MORE to Jesus Christ.

Below is an email I received from a CrossPointer last week who shared Christ with JUST ONE MORE in a most opportune setting:

This morning as I was sitting (full stop) at a red light in Trussville, the large commercial diesel concrete truck in front of me decides to back up for whatever reason. I was late to a meeting and couldn’t get backed up fast enough to avoid him so he hit me (ran over the front of my car). I was not upset because I was not injured and did not have my kids with me. I was not sure of who would emerge from that large construction type truck so I prayed a quick prayer that the Lord would help me and protect me from any adverse things and that I would handle the situation appropriately. I have never been in any sort of accident. This young man (late 20’s) emerged with a horrified look on his face, totally unaware that I had ever been there.

I immediately assured him that I was ok and not distraught over a silly car. He calmed down and said he didn’t see me, his boss was going to be mad, he was going to be fired. I said, “Well, it was an accident and I would hope he would understand that.” My car needed to be towed and he felt so bad so he was helping me get my car seats, computer, purse… when I told him to look in the console for a nametag with CrossPoint. He asked if it was my work tag and I told him no- I didn’t need my work tag but I would be going to church tonight and I needed my tag. Of course that opened the door for a conversation of:“do you go to church?” “No but on a day like today I wish I did,” he said.

WOW- I told him that this would be a perfect day to start and I’d be happy to meet him there. He gave me an excuse for tonight but said he might come Sunday. I shared my testimony with him.

He ended the conversation by shaking my hand and again apologizing for the accident and didn’t understand why I didn’t “go off” on him. I told him that if my life had ended in that accident today that I would have immediately been in my dream home! He just looked at me funny and I explained that I know my eternity is in Heaven because I have Jesus as my Savior and that a car being totaled, being late for a meeting or having anyone mad at me just pales in comparison to what my life will be. Anyway, I hope he comes or I at least hope he thinks about our conversation.

It is exhilarating when the Lord puts an opportunity in your lap!

The vision of JUST ONE MORE is so easy to realize-even on the day of an accident. I would be curious to hear of your J1M stories.

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