I Have Been Looking For This God?

I traveled to India Tuesday morning; not in person, but by phone.

I called a technical support phone number provided with my wireless internet router. As soon as the technician answered the phone I knew I was entering the new world Thomas Friedman writes about in The World is Flat. The female technician’s name was Sukihr, and she was on the other side of the globe in India—12 hours ahead of our Central Standard Time Zone.

In fifteen minutes she was able to solve my router problems. While we were working through the computer jargon and language barrier, I knew at some point I must share the good news of Jesus Christ with her.

Before ending the conversation I asked Sukihr, “Has anyone every talked to you about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?”She said, “Yes, I have heard of Him?”

“What do you know about Him,” I inquired.

“I know very little,” said Sukihr.
That opened the door for me to present the gospel. I stuttered and stammered my way through the good news of Jesus Christ, often clarifying everything I said thanks to the language difficulty I had to overcome.

After sharing the truth I asked, “Does this make sense to you?”

Sukihr’s response shocked me. She asked, “Is this the God known as Father, Son and Holy Ghost?”I said, “Yes, indeed, it is.”

Then she said, “I have been looking for this God. I heard about him years ago when I was in grade school. Our principal talked about him.”

Can I get a “wow” from somebody? This is the God she has been looking for! Now that is amazing.

The conversation continued another 15 minutes. I was frustrated with all the church jargon I use to witness to people. Again, I was clarifying every statement in order to keep it simple.

Sukihr did not make a commitment to Christ, although she did tell me she would shop for the Christian holy book I described to her. She said they sell them in a store near her house. She was not allowed to give me her email address or land address.

I told Sukihr that when she got her hands on our holy book that I wanted her to get on her knees every night and ask God to show himself to her as she read one chapter of John each night. She promised me she would get a holy book, ask the God she was seeking to reveal Himself to her and read one chapter of John each night.

I am totally fascinated about this experience. It was an energizing way to begin my day.
I speculate how the Lord will use that encounter in her life. Is someone else from the US calling her today, and while she solves their computer problems will the Holy Spirit compel them to share Christ? Will a missionary be placed in path the next few days? Is one of her co-workers a believer, and will they help answer her questions? Whichever is the case, I have made it a priority to pray for Sukihr each morning. Will you pray with me for her salvation?


2 Responses to “I Have Been Looking For This God?”

  1. 1 Jeff Cook
    November 8, 2006 at 8:19 pm

    Wonderful moving story. I was glad to be able to hear you tell it in person. Very moving.

  2. 2 Regina
    November 9, 2006 at 12:41 pm

    DOUBLE WOW!!!! So now it is possible to be a foreign missionary and never leave your home!?!?! What a God we serve!! I am overwhelmed by the way God works. Imagine that He had in mind for you, Ryan, half a world away, to be a God-Witness to her for the very God she had been looking for since she was in grade school. That is just plain awesome!! Your story puts me to shame because I makes me think of how many opportunities I have passed up to tell somebody about Jesus. I WILL pray for Sukihr, and for myself, that I will be more aware of the opportunities God puts before me and be faithful to share the Good News in every situation. Just goes to show you that our God is incredible and unfathomable in the wonderful ways He brings others to Himself! Thanks for sharing!!

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