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When You Can’t, He Can

When you are the neediest, His is the most sufficient.
When you are completely helpless, He is the most helpful.
When you feel totally dependent, He is the most dependable.
When you are the weakest, He is able.
When you are most alone, He is intimately present.
When you feel you are the least, He is the greatest.
When you feel the most useless, He is preparing you.
When it is the darkest, He is the only light you need.
When you feel the least secure, He is your Rock and Fortress.
When you are most humble, He is most gracious.


Big, Good and Unexpected

I have decided to wear a special shirt today. It is not so much the material that makes it so unique, as much as it is the message sewn on the front of the shirt. Just above my pocket is the phrase, “Big, Good and Unexpected.” Now for those who do not know, let me tell the story behind the message.

Five years ago the First Baptist Church of Center Point (the church that gave birth to CrossPoint) started moving dirt on what we now call Phase 1 of CrossPoint. For those of you who were not around then, this was a bold step of faith. You must realize that five years ago there were not many houses in the Argo area. Some people were questioning our sanity on such an operation. Some of the questions asked about the vision of CrossPoint included, “Why build such a big complex where no one lives? Who is going to drive out there for worship? Where are all the people?” Additionally, there were some who were saying the vision of CrossPoint was just a flash-in-the-pan idea that would never last. Others were saying we should go ahead with the construction, but they would never support the effort. And there were a few, many of whom who are now part of the core of CrossPoint, who believed CrossPoint was a God-thing.

For several years we were focusing our attention around a core theme. The year God introduced the vision of CrossPoint to our church we were dwelling on the theme “Just Like Jesus.” The next year when we set the wheels of CrossPoint into motion by using the theme, “Imagine.” The theme we settled on the year we started moving dirt was, “Big, Good and Unexpected.” For two year the church had been praying, searching and watching for God to move among us. During that season of searching we decided to start asking God to do something “Big, good and unexpected.”
Five years later we see the harvest of that prayer. CrossPoint has already outgrown its present facility. We now marvel at the thought the God would challenge us to build Phase 2 so early in our growth process. Neighborhoods are sprouting up all around us. People are moving in, and CrossPoint is poised to do something big, good and unexpected for the Kingdom.

So, if you see me wearing my “Big, Good and Unexpected” shirt today you will know why I am wearing it. I am wearing it as a testimony to those of you who have bought into the CrossPoint vision since we built Phase 1. You are the result of God answering our big, good and unexpected prayer request. I am wearing it also as a testimony to what God has done and what He will continue to do through CrossPoint as we stay on point with His Gospel message.


Facing the Giants

Do you know what you will be doing the weekend of September 29 & 30? If the Lord is willing, sometime that weekend I will be in the movie theater with my wife and children watching the new movie release “Facing the Giants” by Sherwood Films.

If you want a small glimpse into the movie click here and watch the teaser trailers.

Does anyone recognize the group singing the theme song? That would be Casting Crowns singing their hit song, “Voice of Truth.”

Sure, it looks like another “Remember the Titans” and “Glory Road” kind of movie, but I will still be there because the movie trailer has already hooked me.


Worship Is…

This Monday morning email best describes what happened yesterday at CrossPoint. The CrossPointer wrote,

“Yesterday was absolutely off the hook!!! Yeah God!!”

I concur. Yesterday was an incredible day of worship in all three worship celebrations.

We must remember…
Worship is not something we observe; it is something we contribute.
Worship is not something we watch; it is something we do.
Worship is not something we scrutinize; it is something we execute.
Worship is not something we survey; it is something we implement.

Tiger Did It Again
Did any of you watch Tiger Woods win his fourth golf tournament in a row yesterday? The man is a machine. Ten years to the day after he turned pro, Tiger took the lead, gave it up, fought back to tie, and then defeated Stewart Cink in a four-hole playoff to win the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational. Tiger admitted to waffling some on Saturday, after scoring four bogeys in a row on the front nine. After his third round Tiger said, “My body took me out of the game, but my mind kept me in it.” Wow, what a mind. If there can be such a thing, the man is an intimidator on the golf course.

WHO do you want to be?
During our weekly lunch last week Taylor and I talked more about college. We discussed his top three choices, a possible major and the subsequent career choices that would ensue. By the end of the meal I suggested to Taylor that his mother and I were more interested in WHO he would become rather than WHAT he would become. I think his light came on when I asked, “Taylor, WHO do you want to be in 10 years?”

Parents often ask their children, “WHAT do you want to be when you grow up?” I think the healthier question is, “WHO do you want to be when you grow up?”

And finally…
While working through my journal this weekend I ran across this great quote from G. K. Chesterton:

“Humility makes us small and that means everything around
me becomes large and astounding and magnificent.”


Dealing with Obstacles

Last weekend I watched the PGA Golf Championship with eager anticipation. I will admit on the front end that I am a huge Tiger Woods fan. I know it is easy to be a fan of his since he wins just about every golf tournament he plays. And I guess you could say I am a fair-weather fan by joining the bandwagon with so many other people.

As some of you know, Tiger had already won the tournament by Saturday, when he completed the third round tied for the lead. For those of you who do not know, Tiger has never lost a Major tournament when he leads after 54 holes of golf.

Something one of the commentators said during the television broadcast sparked my attention. While talking about who would win the tournament, the analyst said, “Winning a golf tournament like this is not about AVOIDING obstacles as much as it is about DEALING with obstacles. Obstacles are going to come. Whoever deals with them best will win the tournament.”

Not only is that true about golf, I think the statement is true also about life. The secret to life is not about avoiding obstacles; obstacles will come. The secret to life is dealing with obstacles.
Today, tomorrow or the next day an obstacle will come your way. How do you plan to address that problem? How you deal with your trials and troubles is how you live life.


Please Pray for Bryan & Charma Haskins

For those of you who do not know, Charma Haskins had a situation yesterday with regard to her pregnancy. As a result, she and Bryan rushed to Brookwood Hosptial, where Charma’s doctor performed a surgical procedure to protect the baby and her womb. The next 48 to 72 hours are vital to Charma’s health and the health of their baby.

As soon as I learned of the situation I rushed to the hospital to pray with them. Both Bryan and Charma modeled great faith and trust in the Lord.

Bryan told me by phone this morning that Charma seems to be doing better. They moved her to a more comfortable room to help her rest. The doctor was very serious yesterday when she was explaining the possible outcomes of the situation.

Their baby boy is in God’s hands. He formed that child in Charma’s womb, and He will decide what is best for the baby. Please join me in praying for God’s best in this circumstance.


Pray till you pray!

While reading through an A.W. Tozer article this morning, I found this quote:

Dr. Moody Stuart, a great praying man of a past generation, once drew up a set of rules to guide him in his prayers. Among these rules is this one: “Pray till you pray.” The difference between praying till you quit and praying till you pray is illustrated by the American evangelist John Wesley Lee. He often likened a season of prayer to a church service, and insisted that many of us close the meeting before the service is over. He confessed that once he arose too soon from a prayer session and started down the street to take care of some pressing business. He had only gone a short distance when an inner voice reproached him. “Son,” the voice seemed to say, “did you not pronounce the benediction before the meeting was ended?” He understood, and at once hurried back to the place of prayer where he tarried till the burden lifted and the blessing came down.

Another illustration of praying till you pray occurs almost every morning in my personal devotion time to the Lord. I have learned that it takes me several minutes to give my undivided attention to the Lord. After that is accomplished, it takes several more minutes for me to get into the rhythm of praying, studying and reading.
Today I encourage you with the words of saint from times past, Moody Stuart, by saying, “Pray till you pray!”